Westinghouse Licensing Corporation

Westinghouse Licensing Corporation

Westinghouse Licensing Corporation
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Industry Brand management
Trademark management
Predecessor Westinghouse Electric (1886)
Founded New York City, New York, U.S. (1998 (1998))
Headquarters New York City, New York, U.S.
Key people
George Westinghouse (Corporate namesake; founder of the original Westinghouse (1886))
Owner National Amusements
Parent CBS Corporation
Website www.westinghouse.com

Westinghouse Licensing Corporation[1] (commonly known as Westinghouse Electric Corporation) is a Westinghouse-CBS (the renamed "original Westinghouse" and predecessor of the current CBS Corporation) in managing the intellectual property assets relating to the Westinghouse trademarks produced from 1886 until 1996.

Westinghouse Licensing has its headquarters in New York City inside the headquarters of its parent, CBS Corporation; its predecessor was located in the Pittsburgh suburb of Monroeville, Pennsylvania.


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All traces of the Westinghouse name go back to the original company's roots starting in 1886 when Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After the original Westinghouse acquired CBS Inc. in 1995 from Laurence Tisch, it was about ready to transform itself from an industrial company into a media giant. Starting in 1996, it did just that, selling off many of its non-media assets that came with them.

In 1997, Westinghouse acquired Infinity Broadcasting Corporation and was reorganized as the first CBS Corporation, taking on the name of the broadcasting network. This, however, ended the reign of the name that had been associated with America for 111 years.

In 1998, CBS Corporation established a brand licensing subsidiary Westinghouse Licensing Corporation (Westinghouse Electric Corporation); the original Westinghouse name had recognition in the consumer marketplace and so had a value apart from any actual manufacturing company under that name.

In 1999, CBS Corporation sold all of its nuclear businesses to Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. That company was later sold to the Toshiba Group in 2007.

In 2000, CBS Corporation was absorbed into Viacom, thus shutting down all what was left of the "original Westinghouse" for good. The Westinghouse licensing division was included in the merger, and Viacom obtained control of the Westinghouse trademarks. However, in 2005, Viacom changed its name to CBS Corporation, and spun off a new company under the Viacom name. As of 2005, this incarnation of CBS Corporation continues to operate the Westinghouse Licensing Corporation.

Licensing of the brand

Westinghouse (brand)
Westinghouse Electric Company logo
Product type Licensed brandname
Owner CBS Corporation
(Westinghouse Electric Corporation)
Country U.S.
Introduced 1886
Previous owners Westinghouse Electric (1886)
Tagline "Innovation you can be sure of"
Website www.westinghouse.com

Since 1998, Westinghouse Licensing Corporation has licensed the famous brand for use on a multitude of products, some of which were in similar categories to those sold by the historic version of the company. Though these products advertise the Westinghouse name, they are neither manufactured by the historic Westinghouse company nor may necessarily meet the quality standards originally maintained by Westinghouse.

Active licensees

These are the active Westinghouse licensees manufacturing products under the Westinghouse and White-Westinghouse names:

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