Walter Migula

Walter Migula

Emil Friedrich August Walter (or Walther) Migula (born 1863 in Żyrowa, Poland; died 1938 in Eisenach, Germany) was a Poland-born German botanist.

In 1890 he was habilitated for botany at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where he spent several years as a professor. At Karlsruhe, he also worked in the bacteriology department of the Food Research Institute.

He published many articles on the subjects of cryptogamic botany, bacteriology, and plant physiology. He is remembered for describing the proteobacterial genus Pseudomonas, and for publication of Kryptogamen-Flora von Deutschland, Deutsch-Österreich und der Schweiz [Cryptogamic Flora of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland], a work connected with Otto Wilhelm Thomé's Flora von Deutschland [Plants of Germany].[1] Other significant works by Migula include:

  • Die Bakterien, 1891 [Bacteria]
  • System der bakterien. Handbuch der morphologie, entwicklungsgeschichte und systematik der bakterien, 1897–1900. (two volumes) [System for bacteria. Handbook of morphology, developmental history and systematics of bacteria]
  • Pflanzenbiologie, 1900 [Plant biology][2]


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