Uke Mochi

Uke Mochi

Uke Mochi (保食神 Ukemochi-no-kami; English: "Goddess Who Possesses Food") is a goddess of food in the Shinto religion of Japan.[1] When Uke Mochi was visited by Tsukuyomi she prepared a feast by facing the ocean and spitting out a fish, then she faced the forest and bountiful game spewed out of her mouth, finally turning to a rice paddy she coughed up a bowl of rice. Tsukuyomi was so disgusted he killed her.[2] Even her dead body produced food: millet, rice, and beans sprang forth. Her eyebrows even became silkworms.

The goddess is sometimes also called Ōgetsuhime-no-kami (大宜都比売神).

Uke Mochi is also the Wife of Inari in some legends[3] and in others is herself Inari.

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