Spy-fi is a subgenre of spy fiction that includes elements of science fiction.


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Definition and characteristics

It often uses a secret agent (solo or in a team) or superspy whose mission is a showcase of science fiction elements such as technology and ideas used for extortion, plots for world domination or world destruction, futuristic weapons, gadgets and fast vehicles that can travel on land, fly, or sail on or under the sea. Spy-fi does not necessarily present espionage as it is practiced in reality. It is fiction that emphasizes glamour, adventure and derring-do. Note that not all spy-fi includes all elements mentioned.


  • The spy protagonist may be issued and use their own futuristic technology such as weapons, exotic means of transport, and detection devices that have not been invented yet. An example of this are secret agents Jeffrey Hunter and France Nuyen issued time travel devices to thwart a plot in Dimension 5 (1966).[1]

Films and television series

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