Sonia Mary Cole

Sonia Mary Cole

Sonia Mary Cole
Born 1918
United Kingdom
Died 1982
Citizenship British
Fields anthropology, archaeology, geology
Institutions British Museum

Sonia Mary Cole (1918 - 1982) was a British geologist, archaeologist, anthropologist and author.


Cole worked for the British Museum, and conducted extensive fieldwork in Africa.

She was a close friend and colleague of Mary Leakey, who wrote her obituary.[1]

Cole is most remembered for her work Races of Man, which drew heavily from Carleton Coon.[2]


  • An Outline of the Geology of Kenya (1950)
  • The Prehistory of East Africa (1954, 2nd Ed. 1958, Rev Ed. 1964)
  • Races of Man (1963, 2nd Ed. 1965)
  • The Neolithic Age (1970)


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