RAM Records

RAM Records

RAM Records
Founded 1992
Founder Andy C
Genre Drum & Bass & Dubstep
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Hornchurch, Essex
Official website Official site

RAM Records is an independent record label established in 1992 by Andy C with the help of very close friend Ant Miles. It is one of the major labels specialising in drum and bass.

The label and business today is run by Andy C and business partner Scott Bourne (Red One).[1] Ram Records is a multi award winning organisation for its label activities, the music it releases, and the artists it has signed over the years.[2] As well as Ram's musical output, the label is also very well known for its club nights, the most famous of which started at the London nightclub 'The End', and lasted 11 years till the club's closure in December 2008.[3] Moving on from The End to super-club Matter in February 2009, Ram's attendees tripled from 1000 to over 3000 people within 2 months and lasted till Matter's closure in June 2010.[4] Ram's new home is Fabric nightclub in Farringdon, London. In 2002 RAM launched a sister label called Frequency, and to celebrate a double decade of RAM in 2012 a new label called PROGRAM was launched, specialising in different flavours of drum and bass compared to the signature sounds of RAM.

The first PROGRAM release was by Frankee with the tune Firethorn, with Pandorum on the B side.[5] In 2013 PROGRAM released its first volume called Programmed, featuring songs from Nitri, Audio & Meth, EastColors and Paul B. Moving Fusion's Turbulance was instrumental in moving RAM forward in the early 2000s and was the number one voted-for track in drum and bass at the Mercury Music Prize in 2000.


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    • Program 1.3
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Current Signed artists



  • Basher
  • BTK
  • DC Breaks
  • Hamilton
  • Hoodlum
  • Optiv
  • Rewind
  • Wickaman
  • KG


  • Altair
  • Basher
  • Bladerunner
  • Chroma
  • EastColors
  • Frankee
  • Gerra & Stone
  • Kelle
  • L 33
  • LoKo
  • Maztek
  • Meth
  • Noel
  • Slang Banger
  • Stealth
  • Traffic

It is to be noted that the individual members of Loadstar, Xample and Lomax, are also signed as individual artists to Ram.

Awards won

  • 2000 - K Mag Awards- Best label Award (Moving Fusion - Turbulance)
  • 2002 - Accelerated Culture Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2003 - Accelerated Culture Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2004 - Accelerated Culture Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2007 - BBC 1xtra - Xtra Bass Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2008 - National Drum & Bass Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2009 - National Drum & Bass Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2009 - Drum & Bass Arena Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2010 - National Drum & Bass Awards - Best Record Label
  • 2010 - National Drum & Bass Awards - Best Event (Ram @ Matter)
  • 2013 - Drum & Bass Arena Awards - Best Label




Year No. Artist Title
1997 RAMMCD1 / RAMMLP1 Various artists The Speed of Sound
1998 RAMMCD2 / RAMMLP2 Sound in Motion
1999 RAMMLP3CD RAM Trilogy Molten Beats
2001 RAMMLP4CD Various Artists RAM Raiders - Volume 1
2002 RAMMLP5CD Moving Fusion The Start of Something
2003 RAMMLP6CD Andy C Nightlife 1
2004 RAMMLP7CD Nightlife 2
2006 RAMMLP8CD Nightlife 3
2007 RAMMLP9CD / RAMMLP10CD Various Artists 15x15
2008 RAMMLP11CD Andy C Nightlife 4
RAMMLP12CD Chase & Status More than Alot
2009 RAMMLP13CD Sub Focus Sub Focus
2010 RAMMLP14CD Andy C Nightlife 5
2012 RAMMLP15CD Calyx & TeeBee All Or Nothing
2013 RAMMLP16CD Rene LaVice Insidious
RAMMLP17CD Loadstar Future Perfect
RAMMLP18CD Wilkinson Lazers Not Included
RAMMLP19CD Andy C Nightlife 6
2014 RAMMLP20CD Various Artists RAMLIFE (Mixed by Loadstar)


Year No. Artist Title
2010 RAMMLPD1 Various Artists RAM Digital Sessions
2011 RAMMLPD2 Basher Transmission
RAMMLPD3 Various Artists RAM Records: Drum & Bass Annual 2011
2012 RAMMLPD4 RAM Records: Drum & Bass Annual 2012
2013 RAMMLPD5 RAMiami: Drum & Bass 2013
RAMMLPD6 RAMsterdam: Drum & Bass 2013
RAMMLPD7 RAM Records: Drum & Bass Annual 2013
2014 RAMMLPD8 RAMiami: Drum & Bass 2014
RAMMLPD9 RAM Records: Drum & Bass Annual 2015

RAM EP's & Singles

Year No. Artist Title
1992 RAMM01 Andy C Sour Mash EP
RAMM02 Origin Unknown Eastern Promise EP
1993 RAMM03 Andy C Bass Logic EP
RAMM04 Origin Unknown The Touch / Valley Of The Shadows
RAMM05 Elevation Elevate EP
RAMM06 Andy C Slip 'N Slide / Bass Constructor (Remix)
RAMM07 Desired State Beyond Bass / Killer Beat
1994 RAMM09 Flatliner The Big Bang / No Boundaries
RAMM10 Shimon Predator / Within Reason
RAMM11 Randall & Andy C Sound Control / Feel It
1995 RAMM12 Andy C Cool Down / Roll On
RAMM13 Desired State Goes Around / Here & Now
RAMM14 Origin Unknown Truly One / Mission Control
1996 RAMM15 Stakka & K-Tee Danger Zone / Hear Say
RAMM16 Origin Unknown Valley Of The Shadows / Truly One
RAMM17 Shimon & Andy C Quest / Night Flight
1997 RAMM18 Mutation / Genetix
RAMM19 Concept 2 No Mistake / Unlock The Secrets
1998 RAMM20 Shimon & Andy C Terraform EP
RAMM21 Moving Fusion Sound In Motion: LP Sampler
RAMM22 RAM Trilogy RAM Trilogy: Chapters 1, 2 and 3
1999 RAMM25 Moving Fusion The Beginning EP
RAMM26 RAM Trilogy Molten Beats: LP Sampler
2000 RAMM27 Moving Fusion Atlantis EP
RAMM28 RAM Trilogy Titan EP
RAMM29 Moving Fusion & Origin Unknown Turbulence / Sound In Motion
RAMM30 Various Artists Ram Raiders: Parts 1, 2 & 3
2001 RAMM32
RAMM33 Moving Fusion Atlantis (Remix) / Survival
RAMM34 Shimon & Andy C Body Rock / Orient Express
RAMM35 Moving Fusion Thunderball / Lazy Bones
RAMM36 Ant Miles & Red One Bring It On / Musica
2002 RAMM37 Bad Company UK Spacehopper (Triton's Universe) / Tonight)
RAMM38 Origin Unknown Truly One (Remixes)
RAMM39 RAM Trilogy RAM Trilogy: Chapters 4, 5 & 6
RAMM42 Moving Fusion Star Sign / Party People
2003 RAMM43 DJ Fresh Music Maker EP
RAMM44 RAM Trilogy Screamer EP
RAMM45 Origin Unknown Hotness (Original & Remix)
RAMM46 DJ Fresh Signal / Big Love
RAMM47 Moving Fusion Remix EP
2004 RAMM48 Various Artists Ram Raiders: Parts 4, 5 & 6
RAMM51 DJ Fresh Colossus / Hooded
RAMM52 Nightbreed Pack Of Wolves (Pendulum & Matrix Remixes)
RAMM53 DJ Fresh Twister / Capture The Flag
2005 RAMM54 Sub Focus X-Ray / Scarecrow
RAMM55 Shimon Jazz Freak / Malice
(Repressed with Gunslinger on the flip.)
RAMM56 Sparfunk & Joe Solo Rapture / Blazin' Jazz
RAMM57 Sub Focus Frozen Solid / Juno
2006 RAMM58 Various Artists Dimensions EP
RAMM59 Noisia & Mayhem Facade / Moonway Renegade
RAMM60 Sub Focus Airplane / Flamenco
RAMM61 Various Artists Dimensions 2 EP
RAMM62 Shimon The Shadow Knows EP
2007 RAMM63 Sub Focus Special Place / Druggy
RAMM64 Chase & Status Dumpling Riddim / Disco
RAMM65 Xample Lowdown / The Latter
RAMM66 Culture Shock The Third Stage EP
RAMM67 Noisia & Gridlok Facade / Skanka
RAMM68 Chase & Status Hurt You / Sell Me Your Soul
RAMM69 Xample Get Out Clause / Infamous
2008 RAMM70 Various Artists Dimensions 3 EP
RAMM71 Sub Focus Timewarp / Join The Dots
RAMM72 Chase & Status Take Me Away / Judgement (Informer)
RAMM73 Pieces / Eastern Jam
RAMM74 Culture Shock Kronix / Imax
2009 RAMM75 Xample Contra / Keep Their Heads Ringing
RAMM76 Chase & Status Against All Odds / Saxon
RAMM77 Lomax Faith Massive EP
RAMM78 Sub Focus Rock It / Follow The Light
RAMM79 Chase & Status End Credits / Is It Worth It
RAMM81 Various Artists Dimensions 4 EP
2010 RAMM80 Loadstar (as Xample & Lomax) Remember / Rushin Dragon
RAMM82 Sub Focus Could This Be Real / Triple X
RAMM83 Splash / Timewarp
RAMM84 Culture Shock Bad Red / Surprise
RAMM85 Chase & Status Let You Go
RAMM86 Loadstar Link To The Past / Rapidas
RAMM87 Various Artists Nightlife 5 EP: Part 1
RAMM88 Delta Heavy Space Time / Take The Stairs
RAMM89 Various Artists Nightlife 5 EP: Part 2
RAMM90 Wilkinson Moonwalker / Samurai
2011 RAMM91 Various Artists Nightlife 5 EP: Part 3
RAMM92 Chase & Status No More Idols EP
RAMM93 Blind Faith
RAMM94 Loadstar Space Between / BLVD
RAMM95 DJ Fresh Future Jungle EP
RAMM96 DC Breaks The More I Want / Take That
RAMM97 Chase & Status Time
RAMM98 Basher Transmission EP
RAMM99 Wilkinson Every Time / Overdose
RAMM100 Various Artists Ram 100
RAMM101 Chase & Status Hitz
RAMM102 Hamilton Brainstorm / Echoes
RAMM103 Loadstar Berlin / Hit The Ground
RAMM104 Cyantific & Wilkinson Touch Me / Get Into It
RAMM105 DC Breaks Creeper / Horror
RAMM106 Culture Shock Protection / Ohrwurm
RAMM107 Delta Heavy Overkill / Hold Me
RAMM108 Break Hot Love / Breakfast
RAMM109 Wilkinson Tonight / Pistol Whip
2012 RAMM110 Various Artists Dimensions 5 EP
RAMM111 Mind Vortex Now It's Time / Hotbox
RAMM112 Hamilton Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids
RAMM113 Sub Focus Out The Blue
RAMM114 DC Breaks Firez EP
RAMM115 Delta Heavy Down The Rabbit Hole EP
RAMM116 Calyx & TeeBee Scavenger / Stepping Stones
RAMM117 Culture Shock I Remember / Troglodyte
RAMM118 Loadstar Passenger / Bomber
RAMM119 Rene LaVice Absolute Monster EP
RAMM120 Calyx & TeeBee Elevate This Sound / Hurting
RAMM121 Wilkinson Automatic / Hands Up!
RAMM122 Rene LaVice All My Trials / Not Deep
RAMM123 Sub Focus Tidal Wave
RAMM124 Calyx & TeeBee Pure Gold / Perspectives
RAMM125 Loadstar Black & White / Vatican Roulette
RAMM126 Wilkinson Need to Know / Direction
2013 RAMM127 DC Breaks Shaman / Let It Go
RAMM128 Wilkinson Take You Higher / Crunch
RAMM129 Mind Vortex Alive / Arc
RAMM130 Loadstar Refuse To Love / Flight
RAMM131 June Miller From Autumn To Ashes / Change
RAMM132 Chords Biting Point / Amygdala
RAMM133 Gridlok & Prolix Membrane / Babylon
RAMM134 Sub Focus Endorphins
RAMM135 DC Breaks Swag / Proton
RAMM136 Hamilton Schema EP
RAMM137 Wilkinson Heartbeat
RAMM138 Chase & Status Lost & Not Found
RAMM139 Rene LaVice Insidious Remixes Part 1
RAMM140 Frankee Black Heart / Wonderland
RAMM141 Mind Vortex Gravity / Catapult
RAMM142 Wilkinson Afterglow
RAMM143 DC Breaks Gambino / Burning
RAMM144 Sub Focus Turn It Around
RAMM145 Calyx & TeeBee Strung Out
RAMM146 Sub Focus Torus EP
RAMM147 Chase & Status Count On Me
RAMM148 Loadstar Future Perfect (Remixes)
RAMM149 Chase & Status Brand New Machine EP
RAMM150 Andy C Haunting / Workout
RAMM151 Various Artists Nightlife 6 EP: Part 1
RAMM152 Nightlife 6 EP: Part 2
RAMM156 Sub Focus Turn Back Time
RAMM159 Chase & Status Alive
2014 RAMM153 Wilkinson Too Close
RAMM154 June Miller Empathy / Operation Ivy
RAMM155 Lynx Taking Back The Night / Shimmy
RAMM157 Rene LaVice Where My Ladies At / I Want More
RAMM158 Frankee Gully / Away
RAMM160 Loadstar Stepped Outside / Under Pressure
RAMM161 Chords High Groove / Summit
RAMM162 Delta Heavy Apollo EP
RAMM163 Chase & Status Blk & Blu
RAMM164 Hamilton Fire / Be There
RAMM165 DC Breaks Lock In / Shakedown
RAMM166 Sub Focus Close
RAMM167 Audio Heads Up / Stampede
RAMM168 Wilkinson Half Light
RAMM169 Dirty Love
RAMM170 Jaguar Skills & Chords Lust
RAMM171 Chase & Status International
RAMM172 Delta Heavy Reborn
RAMM173 Audio Nil By Mouth EP
RAMM174 Andy C Heartbeat Loud
RAMM175 Mind Vortex Colours EP
TBA Culture Shock Raindrops / Troglodyte VIP

Free Download

Year No. Artist Title
2012 RAMMFR1 Loadstar Second Skin / Terror Drone
2013 RAMMFR2 Delta Heavy Empire

Frequency Singles & EP's

Year No. Artist Title
2002 FQY001 Rascal & Klone Delta 9 / Hyper Kinetic
FQY002 Kryptic Minds The Truth / Devil's Path
FQY003 Ego Trippin' Domino Theory / Realm
FQY004 D.Ecco & Sabotage House Music / Rise Up
2003 FQY005 Various Artists Full Frequency EP
FQY006 Chameleon Miss India / Spirit Of Earth
FQY007 Exile King Shredda / Spanner In The Worx
FQY008 Nightbreed The Theme / Bad Feeling
FQY009 Sub Focus Down The Drain / Hot Line
FQY010 Alloy Dust / Ghost
2004 FQY0011 D.Ecco & Sabotage A Better Tomorrow EP
FQY0012 Sub Focus Acid Test / Get On Up
FQY0013 Majistrate & DJ Nicol Clone Zero / Face Lift
FQY0014 The Outlift Control / Body Shake
FQY0015 Eddy Woo Keep It Warm / Real Time
FQY0016 Sub Focus Soundguy / Bluenote
2005 FQY0017 Shimon & Sonic Hill Billy / Way Back
FQY0018 RedOne Pump Up The Volume / Forest Muncher
FQY0019 Moving Fusion & Eddy Woo Triumph / Special Occasion
FQY0020 DJ Samurai The Future / Be Mine
2006 FQY0021 Xample & Crystal Clear Down Beat / Sister
FQY0022 Eddy Woo Tsunami (Remix) / Solitaire
FQY0023 Various Verano / Arachnopobia
FQY0024 Shimon & Special A Live Round / Release Fear
FQY0025 Basher Leachcraft / Warlordz
FQY0026 DJ Samurai Sound With Fire / Artemis
FQY0027 Xample Sound Clash / Mutants
2007 FQY0028 Basher, Stealth & Stylus The Ark / Air Raid
FQY0029 DJ Kryptik Child Of Zion / Sound Byte
FQY0030 ShockOne The Riddler / We Be Droppin' This
FQY0031 Xample Deeper Underground / The Coma
FQY0032 Basher Speckel Frog / Missile
2008 FQY0033 Deep & Shafie Deeper / Prepare
FQY0034 KG Stronger & Stronger / Textures & Sound
FQY0035 Proxima & Nympho Headless Houefly / Knock Knock
FQY0036 Subterra Steppaholic / Serengeti
FQY0037 Xample The Experiment / Breathe & Stop
FQY0038 DC Breaks Taken / Come Closer
FQY0039 Spinline & MTMS Backdoor / Rubber Room
2009 FQY0040 Vicious Circle Technicolour / Peer Pressure
FQY0041 Subterra & Dekko The End / Celestial
FQY0042 DC Breaks Pickettline / Flashback
FQY0043 Basher Airtime / Biometrix
FQY0044 Hamilton Send Em' To Hell / Hopelessly Addicted
2010 FQY0045 Hamilton Come Again / Breathe
2011 FQY0046 Optiv & BTK Let It Hit Em / Mind Over Matter
2012 FQY0047 Optiv & BTK Zero Hour / Beserker
2013 FQY0048 Wickaman, Hoodlum & Rewind Ain't Done Yet / I Got A Feeling

Program Singles & EP's

Year No. Artist Title
2012 PRGRAM001 Frankee Firethorn / Pandorum
PRGRAM002 Wickaman, Hoodlum, Mavrik & RV One Scratch / Sound Clash
PRGRAM003 Kove Iodine / Open Ground
PRGRAM004 LoKo Shadows / Bassline Secrets
PRGRAM005 Chroma Acetate / So Alone
2013 PRGRAM006 Various Artists Programmed V1.0
PRGRAM007 Bladerunner Late Night Caller / Fusion
PRGRAM008 Kove Gone / Airlock
PRGRAM009 Frankee Turning Point EP
PRGRAM010 Stealth Scrummage / Nanite
PRGRAM011 Chroma Grindhouse / If You Only Knew
PRGRAM012 Various Artists Programmed V2.0
PRGRAM013 Basher Trojan / Weep
2014 PRGRAM014 EastColors Toys / Creeper
PRGRAM015 Teddy Killerz Big Blow EP
PRGRAM016 Kelle Respirator / Radiophobia
PRGRAM017 L 33 Helvetica / Detuned
PRGRAM018 Slang Banger Labyrinth / Let There Be Love
PRGRAM019 Stealth Homage (Back To You) / Smash It
PRGRAM020 Legion & Logam House Of Cards / Solace
PRGRAM021 Various Artists Programmed V3.0
PRGRAM022 Chroma 201 Dub / Sovereign
PRGRAM023 Stealth The Alliance EP
PRGRAM024 Gerra & Stone Ison / Vengeance


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