Oceanic American

Oceanic Americans or Oceanian Americans are Americans whose ancestors came from Oceania.

There basically two Oceanian American groups, that well represent to the racial and cultural population of Oceania: Euro Oceanic American (Australian American, New Zealand American) and the Oceanic Indigenous of United States or Pacific Islander Americans (Chamorro Americans, Samoan Americans, etc.). The most of the Euro-Oceanian are descended of the European settlers of Oceania. While that the so-called "Pacific Islander" are of Indigenous Oceanic descent.[1]

Oceanic Americans in the 2000[2] - 2010 U.S. Census[3]

Ancestry 2000 2000% of Oceanic American population 2010 2010% of Oceanic American population
Pacific Islands American 874,414 not data 1,225,195 90%
Australian 78,544 not data 93,063 not data
New Zealand American 16,628 not data 19,961 not data
TOTAL 969,586 100.0% 1,338,219 100.0%


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