Nicholas Revett

Nicholas Revett

Nicholas Revett, reproduction of a portrait in oils, from his Antiquities of Athens.

Nicholas Revett (1720–1804) was a Suffolk gentleman, an amateur architect.

He is best known for his work with James "Athenian" Stuart documenting the ruins of ancient Athens. Its illustrations compose 5 folio volumes and include 368 etched and engraved plates, plans and maps drawn at scale. They were the first of their kind in studies of ancient Greece.

Revett also designed two 'Greek' additions to English country houses and which arguably commenced the British 'Greek Revivalist' period in architecture from the 1760s. These were to Standlynch Park, Wiltshire, which was the home of Henry Dawkins (brother of Revett's friend and fellow explorer, James Dawkins), now known as Trafalgar Park; and to West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire, the home of Sir Francis Dashwood. Both owners were members of the Society of Dilettanti.


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