M-1 Global

M-1 Global

M-1 Global / MMA-1
Type Private
Industry Mixed martial arts promotion
Founded 1997
Founder(s) Vadim Finkelchtein
Headquarters St. Petersburg, Amsterdam
Key people Fedor Emelianenko
Evgeni Kogan
Website http://www.m-1global.com/

M-1 Global (Mixfight-1) or MMA-1 (Mixed martial arts-1)[1] is the mixed martial arts promotion based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands which organizes between 100 and 200 competitions per year. The public faces of M-1 Global are President, Vadim Finkelstein[2] and part-owner Fedor Emelianenko.[3]

It hosted its first major show (rather than co-promoting with other organizations) entitled M-1 Global Presents Breakthrough on August 28, 2009 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City.[4]

M-1, in 2009, signed a contract to co-promote with Explosion Entertainment.[5]

M-1 Challenge

Main article: M-1 Challenge

M-1 Challenge is a competition organized with a series of events held in few places around the world where MMA clubs compete against each other. The events are broadcast in limited countries, mainly Russia and unknown anywhere else.[2] The teams consist of five athletes (one in each of the five major weight class). The program airs on HDNet.

M-1 Selection

Main article: M-1 Selection

The M-1 Selection is a MMA competition where the next generation of fighters are given the opportunity to showcase their skills on the world stage with fighters being eliminated after only one loss; victory will advance the winning fighters throughout the tournament and earn them a trip to the championship event where they will compete for a “M-1 Selection” title.[6]

Current M-1 Global champions

Men's division Upper weight limit Champion Nationality Since Title Defenses
Heavyweight no limit Damian Grabowski  Poland November 30, 2013 0
Light Heavyweight 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st) Sergey Kornev  Russia September 30, 2012 0
Middleweight 185 lb (84 kg; 13.2 st) Ramazan Emeev  Russia November 15, 2012 0
Welterweight 170 lb (77 kg; 12 st) Rashid Magomedov  Russia March 16, 2012 1
Lightweight 155 lb (70 kg; 11.1 st) Musa Khamanaev  Russia June 21, 2012 1
Featherweight 145 lb (66 kg; 10.4 st) Marat Gafurov  Russia November 15, 2012 1

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