Industry Television
Founded 1993[1]
Headquarters GA[1], USA
Number of locations
Area served
Latin America except Brazil
The Caribbean[1]
Production output
Cable channels
Services advertising
Revenue $75 million (2000)[1]
Number of employees
60 (2000)
Parent Fox International Channels
(21st Century Fox)
Website (Defunct, redirects to Fox International Channels Latin America website)

LAPTV (Latin American Pay Television Service) is a Latin American pay television company founded by many cable providers of the region (MVS Comunicaciones, Grupo Cisneros) and many cinema producers/distributors (United International Pictures, distributor of the movies of Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and MGM/UA, and 20th Century Fox) but since 2013 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox International Channels. It runs several film and television series channels, such as Cinecanal, Fox+ and Film Zone, and previously Moviecity.


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  • Channels 2
    • Premium (Fox+) 2.1
    • Basic 2.2
    • Defunct Brands 2.3
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LAPTV was formed as a partnership between Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, and Fox in Latin America[2] in 1993[1] with Universal Studios joining later.[3] On May 22, 2012, Fox International Channels acquired MGM's stake in LAP TV.[4] In March 2013, Fox purchased Paramount's position in the company, thus becoming the sole owner of LAP TV, and sign a content agreement with LAP TV.[2] Starting in November 3, 2014, all the Premium channels of the pack will be rebranded as "Fox+", dropping the "Movie City" brand definitely, and consolidating the Fox brand in LAPTV with the operations in Fox International Channels.[5] Operations of Cinecanal and Film Zone won't be affected.


LAPTV Channels before 2012
(1.Cinecanal, 2.The Film Zone, 3.Moviecity, 4.Citystars, 5.Citymix, 6.Cityvibe, 7.Cityfamily)
Cinecanal logo used in HD Version

Premium (Fox+)

  • FOX 1 (SD and HD)
  • FOX Action (SD and HD)
  • Fox Comedy (SD and HD)
  • Fox Movies (SD and HD)
  • Fox Family (SD and HD)
  • Fox Cinema (SD only)
  • Fox Classics (SD only)


  • Film Zone (1999–present): Offers 3 independent films from the Sundance Channel[1][6] and films previously shown on Moviecity/Fox+ and Cinecanal.
  • Cinecanal (1993–present): Mix of new releases and slightly older films, also shows films previously shown on Moviecity/Fox+ and before any other basic cable channel. Before 2010 it was part of the Premium package of the company.

Defunct Brands

  • Moviecity (1997 - November 3, 2014): New releases only
  • Cinecanal2 (1996 - 2009): Mix of new releases and slightly older films
  • Cinecanal Classic (2004 - 2009): Classic movies


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  • Official website (Defunct, redirects to Fox International Channels Latin America website)
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