Giardino Bardini

Giardino Bardini

Giardino Bardini

The Giardino Bardini is an Italian Renaissance garden in Florence, Italy. Opened only recently to the public, it is relatively little-known.


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The garden boasts many statues and panoramic views over the city. Wildlife in the garden includes rock pigeons, blackbirds and woodpigeons.


Access is gained via the Via de' Bardi, just over the road from the Museo Bardini in the Forte di Belevedere and the Giardino di Boboli connect in turn.


  • Il giardino Bardini, uno specchio della storia fiorentina, Fondazione parchi monumentali Bardini e Peyron, CD-ROM, Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, 2001.

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