Gabonese American

Gabonese Americans
Total population
Less than 300[1]
Fang, English, French
Christianity, Islam, Bwiti, Animism

Gabonese Americans are Americans of Gabonese descent. Based in the DNA analysis, during the American colonial period at least some West African slaves from present-day Gabon arrived to the modern United States. So, since the 2000´s and, through of this analysis, at least some African Americans discovered they are descendants of slaves of this place. It is the case of notables African Americans such as Samuel L. Jackson[2] and Ruth Simmons.[3][4]


During the colonial period, the modern United Stares received, at least, some slaves from of present-day Gabon, being imported slaves of ethnics such as the Fang, Benga, Benza and Kota people. [2][3][4]

Approximately 65,000 African slaves arrived to modern United States came from the Bight of Biafra- bight to which belong the itself Gabon -, forming about 16 percent of the total number of African slaves, but over half of them, 45,000 people, were imported to the Chesapeake (being about 36 percent of the African population in the region). Moreover, they were the largest group of African slaves arrived to modern United States between the 1690s and 1750s, although formed less than 9 percent (about 18,000 people) of the total African population existing in The Carolinas (mostly living in South Carolina) and Georgia.[5] Most of the slaves of Bight of Biafra arrived were imported to Virginia (which had the 60% of the slaves of that region imported to current United States, as well most of all slaves of Virginia) and South Carolina (arriving there the 34% of the Biafra´s slaves), surpassing in together the 30.000 slaves hailing from the Bight. This colonies were followed mainly by Maryland (where arrived the 4% of the Biafra´s slaves imported to United States, arriving more of 1,000 people of the Bight).

However, after the abolition the slavery, the people who emigrated to United States from the modern Gabon must have been very few because in the year 2000 less than 300 people claimed Gabonese origin in the US Census.[1]

Notable Gabonese-Americans


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