Calvin Ira Kephart

Calvin Ira Kephart

Colonel Calvin Ira Kephart LL.D. (1883–1969) was an American professor of law, genealogist, historian, expert on heraldry and amateur ethnologist.


Kephart by profession was a lawyer but also worked part-time for the National Genealogical Society (1928–1930, 1938–1940), and helped found the Maryland State Poetry Society. He held six degrees (law, history, and sciences) and specialized in genealogy and heraldry.[1]

He published several pamphlets on genealogical themes, but is best remembered for his lengthy 566-page book on race entitled Races of Mankind: Their Origin and Migration.[2]



  • The Swedes and Swedish Goths, their Origin and Migration (1938)
  • Origin of Armorial Insignia in Europe (1938)
  • Contributions to American History (1942)
  • Origin of the name "Russia" (1944)
  • Racial History of the Albanians (1944)
  • Origin of the Capertian royal dynasty of France (1951)
  • Odin: God of wisdom and founder of Denmark (1963)


  • Sanskrit. Its origin, composition and diffusion (1949)
  • Origin of Heraldry in Europe (1953)
  • Races of Mankind: Their Origin and Migration (1960, 2nd Ed. 1961)
  • Concise History of Freemasonry: including Knight Templary (1964)


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