Black Belt magazine

Black Belt magazine

Black Belt
The cover of Black Belt magazine's first issue
Exec. Editor Robert W. Young
Categories Martial arts and combat sports
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Cheryl Angelheart
Founder Mitoshi Uyehara
Year founded 1961 (1961)
First issue April 1961 (1961-April)[1]
Company Active Interest Media
Country United States
Language English
ISSN OCLC number 4949089

Black Belt is an American magazine covering martial arts and combat sports. It is one of the oldest titles dedicated to martial arts in the United States.

The magazine was founded in 1961 by Mitoshi Uyehara. It was published Uyehara under the company "Black Belt, Inc." based in Los Angeles until 1973. Bruce Lee contributed many articles to the publication during the 1960s. Uyehara, a martial artist in his own right, was a key personage in arranging Lee's material for publication.[2]

Uyehara founded "Rainbow Publications" in 1974 (based in Los Angeles, later Burbank, CA and Santa Clarita, CA), where he acted as president, but he ceased acting as an editor from this time. Uyehara moved to Honolulu in 1980, from where he continued to act as a "consultant" until 1988. During this transitional period, the magazine underwent a frequent change in editorship (Bob MacLaughlin 1974, Rick Shively 1976, Richard Zimmerman 1978, John R. Corbett 1980, John Steward 1980, John Hanson 1981, James Nail 1981) until Jim Coleman became executive editor in 1984, serving until 1997. Robert W. Young succeeded Coleman in 1997/8, shortly before the acquisition of the magazine by Sabot Publishing, and remains executive editor as of 2013.

Rainbow Publications was acquired by Sabot Publishing, a publisher of "special interest publications", in 1999. Sabot Publishing was in turn acquired by Active Interest Media in 2003, [3] from which time the magazine has been under the supervision of "Group Publisher" (responsible for strategic development) Cheryl Angelheart.[4]


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