Amiga 3000UX

Amiga 3000UX

Commodore Amiga 3000UX
Amiga 3000UX
Type Personal computer
Release date 1990 (1990)
Discontinued 1992
Operating system Amiga UNIX System V Release 4
CPU Motorola 68030 @ 25 MHz
Memory 2 MB

The Commodore Amiga 3000UX is a model of the Amiga computer family that was released with Amiga Unix, a full port of AT&T Unix System V Release 4 (SVR4), installed along with AmigaOS. The system was otherwise equivalent to the standard A3000, once the Right-Mouse-Button initiated a boot to Kickstart (Amiga's BIOS).

At one point, Sun Microsystems approached Commodore-Amiga Inc. with the offer to produce the A3000UX under license as a low- to mid-range alternative to their high-end Sun workstations.[1] That this offer was declined was one of the many management decisions that led to the popular belief that the Amiga platform would have been a real success story but for Commodore management.

It is possible that Commodore (or a third party) repurposed A3000UX machines for standard AmigaOS, as some standard A3000 models have been found with labeling suggesting they were originally to be sold as A3000UX machines.

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