Ahkal Mo' Nahb II

Ahkal Mo' Nahb II

Ahkal Mo' Nahb II
Ajaw Palenque
Glyph of Ahkal Mo' Nahb II at Temple of the Cross Tablet (see vectorised version
Reign May 2, 565 – July 21, 570
Predecessor K'an Joy Chitam I
Successor Kan Bahlam I
Born (523-09-03)3 September 523
Died 21 July 570(570-07-21) (aged 46)
Religion Maya religion

Ahkal Mo' Nahb II[N 1] also known as Chaacal II and Akul Anab II, (September 3, 523 – July 21, 570) was an ajaw of the Maya city-state of Palenque. He took the throne on May 2, 565, he was grandson of Ahkal Mo' Nahb I and probably brother of Kan Bahlam I.[N 2][1] He enthroned eighty-five days after death of K'an Joy Chitam I.[1]


  1. ^ The ruler's name, when transcribed is a-ku-AL MO'na-bi, translated "Turtle Macaw Lake?".
  2. ^ These are the dates indicated on the Maya inscriptions in Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, Born: 7 K'an 17 Mol, Acceded: 1 Imix 4 Sip and Died: 9 Manik' 5 Yaxk'in.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
K'an Joy Chitam I
Ajaw of Palenque
May 2, 565 – July 21, 570
Succeeded by
Kan Bahlam I