1982 NBA Draft

1982 NBA Draft

1982 NBA draft
General information
Date(s) June 29, 1982
Location Madison Square Garden
in New York City
Network(s) (US) USA Network
First selection James Worthy, Los Angeles Lakers
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The 1982 NBA draft took place on June 29, 1982 at the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.


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PG Point guard SG Shooting guard SF Small forward PF Power forward C Center
^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
* Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game and All-NBA Team
+ Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
# Denotes player who never played in the NBA regular season or playoffs
A man, wearing a gray suit, a shirt and a tie, is clapping his hands while looking up.
James Worthy was selected first overall by the Los Angeles Lakers.

A man, with a Panathinaikos jersey in a game looking up.
Dominique Wilkins was selected third overall by the Utah Jazz.

A man wearing a buttoned shirt stands in front of a vine and smiles.
Clark Kellogg was selected eighth overall by the Indiana Pacers.

Round Pick Player Pos. Nationality Team School/club team
1 1 Worthy, JamesJames Worthy^ SF  United States Los Angeles Lakers (from Cleveland) North Carolina (Jr.)
1 2 Cummings, TerryTerry Cummings* PF  United States San Diego Clippers DePaul (Jr.)
1 3 Wilkins, DominiqueDominique Wilkins^ SF  United States Utah Jazz Jr.)
1 4 Garnett, BillBill Garnett SF  United States Dallas Mavericks Wyoming (Sr.)
1 5 Thompson, LaSalleLaSalle Thompson C/PF  United States Kansas City Kings Texas (Jr.)
1 6 Tucker, TrentTrent Tucker SG  United States New York Knicks Minnesota (Sr.)
1 7 Dailey, QuintinQuintin Dailey SG  United States Chicago Bulls San Francisco (Jr.)
1 8 Clark Kellogg PF  United States Indiana Pacers Ohio State (Jr.)
1 9 Levingston, CliffCliff Levingston PF  United States Detroit Pistons Wichita State (Jr.)
1 10 Edmonson, KeithKeith Edmonson SG  United States Atlanta Hawks Purdue (Sr.)
1 11 Lafayette Lever* PG  United States Portland Trail Blazers Arizona State (Sr.)
1 12 Bagley, JohnJohn Bagley PG  United States Cleveland Cavaliers (from Washington via Detroit) Boston College (Jr.)
1 13 Floyd, SleepySleepy Floyd+ SG  United States New Jersey Nets Sr.)
1 14 Conner, LesterLester Conner PG  United States Golden State Warriors Oregon State (Sr.)
1 15 Thirdkill, DavidDavid Thirdkill SF  United States Phoenix Suns (from Denver) Bradley (Sr.)
1 16 Teagle, TerryTerry Teagle SG  United States Houston Rockets Baylor (Sr.)
1 17 Steppe, BrookBrook Steppe SG  United States Kansas City Kings (from Phoenix via New Jersey) Sr.)
1 18 Pierce, RickyRicky Pierce+ SG  United States Detroit Pistons (from San Antonio via Portland) Rice (Sr.)
1 19 Williams, RobRob Williams PG  United States Denver Nuggets (from Seattle) Houston (Jr.)
1 20 Pressey, PaulPaul Pressey SF  United States Milwaukee Bucks Tulsa (Sr.)
1 21 Phillips, EddieEddie Phillips SF  United States New Jersey Nets (from Los Angeles) Alabama (Sr.)
1 22 McNamara, MarkMark McNamara C  United States Philadelphia 76ers California (Sr.)
1 23 Tillis, DarrenDarren Tillis C  United States Boston Celtics Cleveland State (Sr.)
2 24 Robinson, OliverOliver Robinson SG  United States San Antonio Spurs UAB (Sr.)
2 25 Warrick, BryanBryan Warrick SG  United States Washington Bullets Saint Joseph's (Sr.)
2 26 Frazier, RickyRicky Frazier# SF  United States Chicago Bulls Missouri (Sr.)
2 27 Roberts, FredFred Roberts PF  United States Milwaukee Bucks BYU (Sr.)
2 28 Magley, DaveDave Magley PF  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Kansas (Sr.)
2 29 Hastings, ScottScott Hastings F/C  United States New York Knicks Arkansas (Sr.)
2 30 Bryant, WallaceWallace Bryant C  United States Chicago Bulls San Francisco (Sr.)
2 31 Higgins, RodRod Higgins F/C  United States Chicago Bulls Fresno State (Sr.)
2 32 Anderson, RichardRichard Anderson PF  United States San Diego Clippers UC Santa Barbara (Sr.)
2 33 Townes, LintonLinton Townes SF  United States Portland Trail Blazers James Madison (Sr.)
2 34 Taylor, VinceVince Taylor SF  United States New York Knicks Duke (Sr.)
2 35 Smith, DerekDerek Smith SG  United States Golden State Warriors Louisville (Sr.)
2 36 Anderson, J. J.J. J. Anderson SF  United States Philadelphia 76ers Bradley (Sr.)
2 37 Norris, AudieAudie Norris C  United States Portland Trail Blazers Jackson State (Sr.)
2 38 Wayne Sappleton F  United States Golden State Warriors (traded to New Jersey Loyola (IL) (Sr.)
2 39 Magee, KevinKevin Magee# PF  United States Phoenix Suns UC Irvine (Sr.)
2 40 Morgan, GuyGuy Morgan G  United States Indiana Pacers Wake Forest (Sr.)
2 41 Anderson, DwightDwight Anderson G  United States Washington Bullets USC (Sr.)
2 42 Taylor, JeffJeff Taylor SG  United States Houston Rockets Texas Tech (Sr.)
2 43 Slaughter, JoseJose Slaughter SG  United States Indiana Pacers Portland (Sr.)
2 44 Gibson, MikeMike Gibson F  United States Washington Bullets USC Upstate (Sr.)
2 45 Schoene, RussRuss Schoene F/C  United States Philadelphia 76ers Chattanooga (Sr.)
2 46 Lehal, HarjotHarjot Lehal# G  United States Boston Celtics Kansas (Sr.)

Notable post-second round picks

Corny Thompson was selected 50th overall by the Dallas Mavericks.
Tony Brown was selected 82nd overall by the New Jersey Nets.

These post-second round picks have appeared in at least one regular or postseason game in the NBA.

Round Pick Player Pos. Nationality Team School/club team
3 47 Wilson, MichaelMichael Wilson G  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Marquette (Sr.)
3 48 Hodges, CraigCraig Hodges SG  United States San Diego Clippers Long Beach State (Sr.)
3 50 Thompson, CornyCorny Thompson PF  United States Dallas Mavericks Connecticut (Sr.)
3 51 Johnstone, JimJim Johnstone PF/C  United States Kansas City Kings Wake Forest (Sr.)
3 54 Jones, HutchHutch Jones PG  United States San Diego Clippers Vanderbilt (Sr.)
3 55 Eaves, JerryJerry Eaves PG  United States Utah Jazz Louisville (Sr.)
3 56 Kopicki, JoeJoe Kopicki PF  United States Atlanta Hawks Detroit (Sr.)
3 60 Engler, ChrisChris Engler C  United States Golden State Warriors Wyoming (Sr.)
3 63 Nevitt, ChuckChuck Nevitt C  United States Houston Rockets NC State (Sr.)
3 65 Greig, JohnJohn Greig SF  United States Seattle SuperSonics Oregon (Sr.)
3 69 Moss, PerryPerry Moss PG  United States Boston Celtics Northeastern (Sr.)
4 72 Eaton, MarkMark Eaton+ C  United States Utah Jazz UCLA (Sr.)
4 74 Sanders, MikeMike Sanders SG  United States Kansas City Kings UCLA (Sr.)
4 76 Aleksinas, ChuckChuck Aleksinas C  United States Chicago Bulls Connecticut (Sr.)
4 78 Russell, WalkerWalker Russell SG  United States Detroit Pistons Western Michigan (Sr.)
4 82 Brown, TonyTony Brown SF/SG  United States New Jersey Nets Arkansas (Sr.)
4 86 White, RoryRory White PF  United States Phoenix Suns South Alabama (Sr.)
6 138 Schweitz, JohnJohn Schweitz SG  United States Boston Celtics Richmond (Sr.)
7 140 Hughes, EddieEddie Hughes PG  United States San Diego Clippers Colorado State (Sr.)
8 166 Nealy, EdEd Nealy PF  United States Kansas City Kings Kansas State (Sr.)
10 221 Wilkinson, DaleDale Wilkinson F  United States Phoenix Suns Idaho State (Sr.)


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