Skitzo (band)

Skitzo (band)

Skitzo (Metal)
Origin Santa Rosa, California, United States
Genres Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Years active Since 1981
Labels Open Grave Records, Mourning Star Records, Wolf House Media, Boneless Records, Areadeath Productions
Members Lance Ozanix
Nate Clark
Mike Carli
Past members Scott Fuller,
Noah Smith
Drummin Dave (David Ostwald)
Sherri Stewart
Beaver Hensley
Greg Stiff
Kelly Gillis
Ron Klinger
Sunni Leigh
Jason Sullivan
Stacy Maisenbach (1992–1994)

Skitzo is a thrash metal band from Santa Rosa, California, United States. The band was formed in 1981 in Healdsburg, California, when Lance Ozanix and several other people joined together and called their band Venom. The name was later changed to Skitzo, after discovering that there is already a band with the same name.[1]

The band's lead singer and songwriter, Lance Ozanix, vomits at the end of the band's performances so that the band can remain "recognizable".[1][2] Ozanix can regurgitate his food and propel it 19 feet.[3]

Ozanix appeared in an episode of Judge Judy when a woman, Sadie Luke, sued him for vomiting on her dress while Skitzo was performing at a club. Luke believed that the vomiting was assault, because she was unaware that it was part of the act. Luke won the case and was awarded $500 by Judy.[4]

Skitzo had performed at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California, for their 30th anniversary on October 8th, 2011.

Studio albums

  • Skitzo Demo, 1985
  • Wrathrage Demo, 1986
  • Mosh Till Mush Demo, 1987
  • Derageous EP, 1989
  • Haunting Ballads Single, 1990
  • The Skulling EP, 1991
  • Evilution Full-length, 1992
  • Synusar'sukus Full-length, 1994
  • Psychobabble Full-length, 1996
  • Got Sick! Full-length, 2000
  • M-80's Best of/Compilation, 2001
  • Hellavator Musick Full-length, 2002
  • Heavy Shit Full-length, 2005
  • Radio Promo Demo, 2007
  • Five Point Containment Full-length, 2007
  • Mosh till Vomit Best of/Compilation, 2008
  • Skitzo / Foul Stench Split, 2009
  • Put Your Face in Jesus EP
  • Spit Pea Soup EP


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