List of United States Supreme Court Cases By The Chase Court

This is a chronological list of cases decided by the United States Supreme Court during the tenure of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase (December 15, 1864 through May 7, 1873).

Case name Citation Summary
Ex parte Milligan 71 2 (1866) habeas corpus, military tribunals
Ex parte Garland 71 333 (1866) retroactive civil disability for former Confederate officers
Mississippi v. Johnson 71 475 (1867) power of the Supreme Court to constitutionally issue an injunction directed at the President
Pervear v. Massachusetts 72 475 (1866) upholding harsh penalty for violation of state liquor laws, and declining to apply Eighth Amendment to the states
Crandall v. Nevada 73 35 (1868) Right to travel bars taxation of parties leaving a state
Georgia v. Stanton 73 50 (1867) power of the Court to rule on constitutionality of Reconstruction Acts; parameters of the Court's jurisdiction
United States v. Kirby 74 482 (1868) construction of criminal statutes
Ex parte McCardle 74 506 (1868) congressional power to limit Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction
Texas v. White 74 700 (1869) constitutionality of state secession
Ex parte Yerger 75 85 (1869) habeas corpus case that became moot when Yerger was released before the court ruling; therefore not actually heard by the Supreme Court
Paul v. Virginia 75 168 (1869) Privileges & Immunities Clause does not apply to corporations, Commerce Clause does not apply to insurance policies
Hepburn v. Griswold 75 603 (1870) constitutionality of legal tender laws
Baker v. Morton 79 150 (1870) land claims in the Nebraska Territory
United States v. Klein 80 128 (1871) separation of powers
Taylor v. Taintor 83 366 (1872) rights and responsibilities of bail bondsmen
Slaughterhouse Cases 83 36 (1873) freedom of employment
Bradwell v. State of Illinois 83 130 (1873) equal protection, exclusion of women from employment
Minor v. Happersett 88 162 (1874) Fourteenth Amendment and the right to vote