Connecticut Transit Stamford

Connecticut Transit Stamford

Connecticut Transit Stamford
New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 #1214 in Downtown Stamford on the 31H - High Ridge Road route.
Parent Connecticut Department of Transportation
Founded 1976
Headquarters 26 Elm Court
Stamford, CT 06902
Locale Connecticut
Service area Southwestern Connecticut
Service type Local bus service
Routes 14 local
4 commuter shuttle
1 express[1]
Hubs Stamford train station
Fleet 55
Daily ridership 2006: 9,617 (weekday); 5,071 (Saturday); 2,335 (Sunday) [1]
Operator First Transit
Chief executive Gary Moses(division manager)
Website Official Website

Connecticut Transit Stamford (CT Transit Stamford Division) is the division of Connecticut Transit for the Stamford metropolitan area. In Stamford it provides service on 18 routes around Stamford, Connecticut, with routes centered on downtown Stamford and providing local bus service to Norwalk, White Plains, New York via the I-Bus, and Port Chester, New York,[2] with its service area on both ends partially overlapping that of the Norwalk Transit District.

Since 1979, the Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford divisions of CT Transit have been operated by First Transit.[3]


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These are the routes operated by CT Transit in the Stamford Division.[4]

Note: Prior to 2002, CT Transit Stamford routes were identified by letters rather than numbers, just like the systems in Hartford and New Haven.[5] Some bus stop signs outside of downtown Stamford and Greenwich still display the route letters.

Local, Express, and Commuter Connections

Route Route Name Terminus Notes
11 Port Chester (NY) 11A: Port Chester via West Putnam Avenue-Greenwich RR Station
11B: Port Chester via Byram-Greenwich RR Station
11W: West Main Street - Adams Corner
Connects to Bee Line System Route 13, 61, and 76 in Port Chester and NTD Wheels Central and West Loops in Greenwich.
13 West Broad Street 13: Stamford Hospital-Connecticut Avenue
14 West Main Street 14: Commerce Park Supplement for Route 11 along West Main Street in Stamford during rush-hour Monday through Fridays only. In September 2011, this route was discontinued due to schedule enhancements and the introduction of articulated vehicles to Route 11.
21 West Avenue 21: Baxter Avenue
21A: Baxter Avenue-Post Office
Loops through Southwest Stamford.
22 Greenwich Avenue 22: Waterside
22A: Waterside-Soundview Farms
24•22: FAIRFIELD AVENUE-Waterside-Grenwich Avenue
22•44:Greenwich Avenue-Waterside-Pacific Street
24 Fairfield Avenue 24: Waterside
24B: Waterside-Soundview Farms-Old Greenwich
24•22: Waterside-Grenwich Avenue
26 Pacific/Atlantic Sts 26: Canal St
26A: Jefferson St
26•27: PACIFIC ST-South End-Shippan Point
26•27C: PACIFIC ST-South End-Cummings Park
  • A split route of the Former Route 44. Serves the South End of Stamford.
  • Returns to the Transport Center via Atlantic Street.
27 Shippan Av 27: Shippan Point
27C: Cummings Park
26•27: PACIFIC ST-South End-Shippan Point
26•27C: PACIFIC ST-South End-Cummings Park
Formerly part of the old Route 44.
31 High Ridge Road 31: Merritt Parkway
31A: Smith House
31B: Briar Brae Road
31C: Stamford Hospital
31H: High Ridge Park
32 Long Ridge Road 32: Rock Rimmon Road
32B: Rock Rimmon Road via Bedford Street (AM/PM Rush Hours only)
32R: Roxbury Road - Westhill High School
33 Strawberry Hill Avenue 33: Tully Health center-Newfield Green
33D: Tully Health Center-Davenport Ridge
33•34: Tully Health Center-Springdale RR Station-Hope Street
34 Hope Street 34: Springdale RR Station-Woodway Road
34A: River Bend Park-Springdale RR Station-Woodway Road
33•34: STRAWBERRY HILL AVENUE-Tully Health Center-Springdale RR Station-Hope Street
41 Norwalk 41: Norwalk via Darien RR Station
41A: Norwalk via Darien RR Station & NCC
41E: EAST MAIN ST-Courtland Av
Connects with most NTD Wheels Routes in Norwalk Wheels Hub, Route 1, and NCC. Also Connects to Route 7 Link to Danbury & Coastal Link to Bridgeport & Milford.
42 Darien 42: Darien via Glenbrook & Noroton Heights
43•42: COVE ROAD-Cove Island Park-Glenbrook
43 Cove Road 43: Cove Island Park
43•42: Cove Island Park-Glenbrook
45 NCC Flyer 45X: NCC via I-95 Supplement for Route 41B NCC only.
I-Bus I-Bus: White Plains via I-95 & Greenwich
I-Bus: White Plains via I-95
Connects to many Bee-Line, Transport of Rockland, and other routes at White Plains TransCenter. Connects to NTD Wheels Greenwich Central, West Loop, and Route 11 at Greenwich RR Station.
Commuter Connection Bulls Head This Route serves the Bulls Head Area of Stamford and connects it to Stamford RR Station.
Commuter Connection Central This Route serves the Downtown Area of Stamford and connects it to Stamford RR Station.
Commuter Connection Route 1-East This route and Route 46X runs along Stamford Urban Transitway instead of I-95 to East Main Street to connect passengers to/from many places East of Downtown Stamford with The Stamford RR Station. service has been discontinued effective April 30, 2010

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