Zareh Sinanyan

Zareh Sinanyan

Zareh Sinanyan (born 1973) is the mayor of Glendale, California. Prior to being appointed mayor, he won election as a city councilman and held posts in various commissions, including Parks, Recreation and Community Service, and the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee.


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Early life and education

Zareh Sinanyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1973 and attended the local school No. 172.[1][2] His father was born in Istanbul, Turkey and settled in Armenia in 1946.[3] His mother is from Talin, Armenia.[1] He and his family immigrated to the United States in 1988 and settled in Burbank, California.[1] Sinanyan attended the John Muir Middle School in Burbank and went on to graduate from Burbank High School.[2] In 1997 he earned bachelor's degrees in political science and history in 1997 at University of California, Los Angeles.[4][5] He then attended law school at the University of Southern California, where he obtained his Juris Doctor.[4] While in law school, Sinanyan worked for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and interned for Justice Earl Johnson of the California Court of Appeal.[5] After his graduation from law school, he entered civil litigation service and ran his own law office.[5]

Political career

Sinanyan was appointed to the Parks, Recreation and Community Service's Commission of Glendale in 2006 and held this position until 2008.[4][5] He served as chairman to the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee from 2009 to 2011.[4] He was also a commissioner to the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee from 2008 to 2013.[4]

City Councilman

Sinanyan ran for one of three Glendale City Council seats in the April 2013 election and finished third out of twelve candidates.[6] He is the first Armenian-born politician to hold a seat on the Glendale City Council.[7] At his second City Council meeting, he publicly apologized for "racial and homophobic slurs" he had posted online for several years before the election.[8][9]

In July 2013 Sinanyan supported the establishment of a memorial to Korean comfort women in the Glendale Central Park, over the objections of the government of Japan and dozens of Japanese-Americans.[10] Sinanyan spoke at the unveiling of the memorial in late July, citing his own background as the grandson of an Armenian Genocide survivor and asserting: "The best way to resolve conflicts...the best way to heal to acknowledge them. My people, my grandfather, were subjected to a horrible, horrible crime...To this day, because no apology has come, no proper acknowledgement has come...the wound is deep, it's festering, and there can be no moving forward without it".[11]


In April 2014, Sinanyan was appointed mayor of Glendale, California replacing former mayor Dave Weaver.[12]

In November 2014 Sinanyan and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti were among the California politicians invited to attend the opening of a BBCN representative office in Seoul, South Korea.[13] Sinanyan also met with Lee Koon-hyon, Secretary General of the Saenuri Party.[14]

Personal life

Sinanyan and his wife Lori have four children.[5]

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