Welcome Back Gandhi

Welcome Back Gandhi

Welcome Back Gandhi
A film on the Father of the Nation
Directed by A. Balakrishnan
Produced by Ramana Communications
Written by A. Balakrishnan
Starring A. Kanagaraj,
Anupam Kher,
Krishnammal Jagannathan,
V. S. Raghavan
Music by Illayaraja
Cinematography J.Mohan , Subu
Edited by V P Vijayan
Distributed by Ramana Communications
Running time
105 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil and Hindi

Mudhalvar Mahatma (also known as Welcome Back Gandhi) is a 2014 film directed by A.Balakrishnan.[1] The film, released on January 30, 2014 in India, stars S.Kanagaraj as Mohandas Gandhi.[2] The movie's music was written by Ilaiyaraaja, with lyrics by Bharat Acharya, and the movie's plot explores how Gandhi might react if he was still alive and visited modern day India.[3] An eight song soundtrack is set to be released shortly after the film's debut.

Filming for Welcome Back Gandhi took place over a 40-day period in Chennai during 2012, and was produced on a budget of `3 crore.[4]


After a 60 year absence, Gandhi (S. Kanagaraj) returns to India to resume his Satyagraha Movement. While there, he must deal with the various social, economical and political issues that exist within the country.[5]



The Hindu gave a positive review for Welcome Back Gandhi, commenting that "It's a noble, valiant effort that needs to be seen and promoted just so that another filmmaker is encouraged to invest in a film as honest as this, one that will invoke and appeal to the patriot in you, despite its idealistic failings."[6]

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