VEB Robotron

VEB Robotron

Wordmark of VEB Kombinat Robotron
One of the 17,000 workers at the Kombinat Robotron in the German Democratic Republic in 1987 working during the weekend to produce typewriters
A worker at an assembly plant producing the ES 2655 mainframe.

VEB Kombinat Robotron was the biggest East German electronics manufacturer. It was based in Dresden and employed 68,000 people (1989). It produced personal computers, SM EVM minicomputers, the ESER mainframe computers, several computer peripherals as well as home computers, radios and television sets.

Robotron managed several different divisions:

On 30 June 1990 the Kombinat Robotron was liquidated and the divisions were converted into corporations. In the 1990s these companies were sold, e.g., to Siemens Nixdorf, or also liquidated.

The "Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH" is a company emerging from one of the former divisions of Kombinat Robotron [1] was newly founded on 23 August 1990, just before German reunification.


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Rebranding activities

Robotron printers were sold in Western Germany as "Soemtron" or "Präsident", and the West German branch of Commodore used some Robotron parts for their printers.

In Eastern Germany the Epson printers were sold under the Robotron brand (but the technical description on the back side was with the "Epson" logo).

Robotron computers

Robotron A 5120 office computer, 1982
Robotron KC 87 home computer, 1987
Robotron A 7100 and EC 1834 (XT-compatible) personal computer, 1986
Robotron RVS K 1840 (SM 1710), DEC VAX-11/780 Clone, 1988, recorded in the Technical Collections Dresden
Prototype of Robotron RVS K 1820 (SM 1720), DEC MicroVAX II Clone, 1990, recorded in the Technical Collections Dresden

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