Under the Lilacs

Under the Lilacs

Under the Lilacs
Author Louisa May Alcott
Publication date 1878

Under the Lilacs is a children's novel by Louisa May Alcott, first published in 1878. The story is about two girls; Bab and Betty Moss; Miss Celia; a circus runaway, Ben Brown; and his dog Sancho.


When Bab and Betty decide to have a tea party with their dolls a mysterious dog comes and steals their prized cake. The girls find a circus run-away, Ben Brown, hiding in their play barn. Ben is a horse master, so when the Mosses take the Ben in they find him work at a neighbor's house driving cows.

Eventually Ben finds out his beloved father is dead. Miss Celia, a neighbor, comforts him and finally offers to let Ben stay with her and her fourteen-year-old brother Thornton.

Many adventures and summer-happenings go on in Celia's house, as Ben slowly finds his place among his friends. Sancho gets lost, Ben is accused of stealing, Miss Celia gets hurt and Ben takes a wild ride on her horse, Lita. They have an archery competition, where Ben emerges as the hero. But a pleasant surprise is waiting for Ben in the end, and the story is an altogether heart - rendering tale of friendship and adventure, by celebrated author, Louisa May Alcott.

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