UFC 13

UFC 13

UFC 13: Ultimate Force
A poster or logo for UFC 13: Ultimate Force.
Promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship
Date May 30, 1997
Venue Augusta Civic Center
City Augusta, Georgia
Attendance 5,100
Event chronology

UFC 12: Judgement Day UFC 13: Ultimate Force UFC 14: Showdown

UFC 13: Ultimate Force was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on May 30, 1997 in Augusta, Georgia. The event was seen live on pay per view in the United States, and later released on home video.


UFC 13 featured two four man tournaments, a lightweight and a heavyweight tournament, as well as two alternate bouts and a Superfight between Vitor Belfort and Tank Abbott.

This was the first appearance of two future UFC Champions and UFC Hall of Fame members Randy Couture[1][2] and Tito Ortiz,[3][4] who was an alternate in the lightweight tournament.

Bruce Buffer returned to announce the fights, after making his initial debut as an announcer at UFC 10.

UFC 13 Light Heavyweight Results

UFC 13 Heavyweight Results

UFC 13 Light Heavyweight Tournament Bracket

Semifinals Finals
 Guy Mezger DEC  
 Christophe Leninger 15:00  
     Guy Mezger SUB
   Tito Ortiz1 3:00
 Enson Inoue SUB
 Royce Alger 1:36  

1 Tito Ortiz replaced Enson Inoue who withdrew due to injury.

UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament Bracket

Semifinals Finals
 Steven Graham SUB  
 Dmitri Stepanov 1:30  
     Steven Graham 3:13
   Randy Couture TKO
 Randy Couture SUB
 Tony Halme 0:56  

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