Developer(s) Adaptive Computing
Initial release 2003 (2003)
Stable release 4.2.7 / 27 February 2014 (2014-02-27)
Development status Active
Written in ANSI C
Operating system Unix-like
Platform Cross-platform
Size 5MB
Available in English
Type distributed resource manager
License OpenPBS version 2.3[1][2] (non-free in DFSG[3]), or TORQUE v2.5+ Software License v1.1
Website TORQUE website

The Terascale Open-source Resource and QUEue Manager (TORQUE)[4] is a distributed resource manager providing control over batch jobs and distributed compute nodes. TORQUE can integrate with the non-commercial Maui Cluster Scheduler or the commercial Moab Workload Manager to improve overall utilization, scheduling and administration on a cluster.

The TORQUE community has extended the original open-source software,[2] using the OpenPBS version 2.3 license[1] and as non-free software by the Debian Free Software Guidelines[3] due to license issues.


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Feature Set

TORQUE provides enhancements over standard OpenPBS in the following areas:

  • Fault Tolerance
    • Additional failure conditions checked/handled
    • Node health check script support
  • Scheduling Interface
    • Extended query interface providing the scheduler with additional and more accurate information
    • Extended control interface allowing the scheduler increased control over job behavior and attributes
    • Allows the collection of statistics for completed jobs
  • Scalability
    • Significantly improved server to MOM communication model
    • Ability to handle larger clusters (over 15 TF/2,500 processors)
    • Ability to handle larger jobs (over 2000 processors)
    • Ability to support larger server messages
  • Usability
    • Extensive logging additions
    • More human readable logging (i.e. no more 'error 15038 on command 42')

See also


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