Third Raid on Banu Thalabah

Third Raid on Banu Thalabah

Third Raid on Banu Thalabah
Date October 627AD, 6th month 6AH
Location Al-Taraf
Result Successful raid, 20 camels captured[1]
Commanders and leaders
Zayd ibn Haritha Unknown
15 Unknown

Third Raid on Banu Thalabah took place in September, 627AD, 6th month of 6AH of the Islamic calendar[2]

In Jumada Ath-Thania, Zaid as the commander of 15 men raided Bani Tha‘labah and captured 20 of their camels but the tribe members had fled. He spent four days there and then returned to Medina.[1]

The First Raid on Banu Thalabah had taken place two months earlier.[1]

Islamic Primary sources

This event is mentioned in Ibn Sa'd, Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir, Volume 2[3]

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