The Phantom of Hollywood

The Phantom of Hollywood

The Phantom of Hollywood
File:The Phantom of Hollywood FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Gene Levitt
Produced by Gene Levitt
Written by George Schenck
Starring Jack Cassidy
Skye Aubrey
Peter Lawford
Music by Leonard Rosenman
Cinematography Gene Polito
Editing by Henry Batista
Distributed by MGM Television
Release date(s) February 12, 1974
Running time 74 minutes
Country USA
Language English

The Phantom of Hollywood is a 1974 TV movie starring Jack Cassidy, Skye Aubrey, Peter Lawford, Jackie Coogan, Broderick Crawford, Peter Haskell, and John Ireland. It is notable for being one of the last films shot on the Metro Goldwyn Mayer back lot, which was being demolished at the time of filming.

The film aired on CBS Television, and was originally titled The Phantom of Lot 2. A riff on Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera, it was produced and directed by Gene Levitt.


Murders taking place on the back lot of Worldwide Studios turn out to be the work of a disfigured actor who has been living there for years and will stop at nothing to cease the sale of the back lot to developers. The film seems to place a lot of emphasis on the chalk outline and one character is even heard to quip, "We're going to be running out of chalk," while standing over a murder scene in a dry pool on the set.

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