The Master as I Saw Him

The Master as I Saw Him

The Master as I Saw Him
Title page of the 1910 edition
Title page of 1910 edition
Author Sister Nivedita
Original title The Master as I Saw Him
Language England, India
Subject Biography
Publication date
Pages 560 pp

The Master as I Saw Him: Being pages of the life of the Swami Vivekananda is a 1910 book written by Sister Nivedita.[1] The book covers Nivedita's experiences with Swami Vivekananda, who she met in London during November 1885. The book was simultaneously published from England and India,[2] and The Master as I Saw Him is now considered to be a classic text.[3][4]

In his book Indian Traffic, Parama Roy noted that the book differed from other biographies of Vivekananda in that it "[touched] upon the agonistic, conflictual nature of the guru-disciple relationship" and showed "reticence about his corporeality".[5] Rajagopal Chattopadhyaya criticized the text in his book Swami Vivekananda in India: A Corrective Biography, remarking that Nivedita "[lacked] the first hand knowledge of India that SV acquired during his wandering years".[6]


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