Testimony of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh)

Testimony of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh)

"Testimony of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh)"
Police Squad! episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Directed by Joe Dante[1]
Written by Tino Isana[1]
Robert Wuhl[1]
Original air date July 8, 1982 (1982-July-08)[2]
Guest actors

William Conrad (special guest star)
Dick Clark as himself
Dick Miller as Vic
Claudette Nevins as Veronica Rivers
Wayne Winton as Don
Jerry Lane as Willu

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Rendezvous at Big Gulch (Terror in the Neighborhood)"
Next →
"The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!"

Testimony of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh) is the sixth and final episode of the short-lived TV series Police Squad!. The episode was directed by Joe Dante and written by Tino Isana and Robert Wuhl. As usual, the episode was produced by Robert K. Weiss.

Special Guest Star

Tonight's Special Guest Star is William Conrad. As the opening credits roll, Conrad meets a fate similar to special guest star Lorne Greene's in the first episode of the series: he is thrown from a moving car with knife protruding from his chest. Conrad, grasping the bloodied knife handle, then dies in the street.


A struggling comedian owes money to the owner of a nightclub. When his body is discovered at the bottom of a cliff in a car crash, all the clues point to suicide. It is later discovered that the comedian was also a police informant on a drug ring he infiltrated at his nightclub. Frank steps in and takes the place of the deceased at the nightclub in order to gather more clues.


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