Telecommunications in Kosovo

Telecommunications in Kosovo

Fixed line

Fixed telephony penetration rate is among the lowest in Europe with 4.48 lines per 100 inhabitants.[1]

Mobile phones

In 2010, 74 percent of the population was subscribed to mobile phone services, or a total number of 1,537,164[2] In 2007, PTK reported growth of subscribers from 300,000 to 800,000 in less than a year.[3] In 2006, the number was 562,000.[4]

There need for showing your ID to get a Sim card and they can be bought prepaid for 5 Euros with credit. There are a large number of shops for buying used mobile phones, they are sold on the street. Also SIM unlocking shops are numerous. You can buy credit for your mobile phone for the nominal price of 5 Euros, but the handlers charge more for the credit, from 1 Euro more.

There are two GSM 900 MHz networks:[5]

  • PTK Posta dhe Telekomunikacioni i Kosovës, SH.A. (Vala Mobile) (+377 Monaco prefix) 3G and 4G LTE
  • IPKO (Si Mobitel) (+386 Slovenia prefix) 3G active since 1st of December

There are three virtual operators :

GSM-services in Kosovo are provided currently by Vala, a subsidiary of PTK, and IPKO, a company owned by Telekom Slovenije, which has acquired the second mobile operator license in Kosovo and has started operations in late 2007. Vala has over 850,000 subscribers, mostly using the pre-paid system, whereas IPKO has gained over 300,000 subscribers within just a few months.[9]


Internet coverage is widespread but it experiences frequent outages. As of September 2010, the number of internet subscribers was 105,061 or 35.02% household penetration rate.[10]

The following are some of the main internet providers:

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