Telecommunications in Dominica

Telecommunications in Dominica

Rosa rugosa var. rugosa, on coast of Sea of Okhotsk, Sakhalin


Species: Rosa rugosa
Varietas: R


Rosa rugosa (1784)



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Vernacular names

en:Rosa rugosa

Country Code: +1767
International Call Prefix: 011 (outside NANP)

Calls from Dominica to the US, Canada, and other NANP Caribbean nations, are dialed as 1 + NANP area code + 7-digit number. Calls from Dominica to non-NANP countries are dialed as 011 + country code + phone number with local area code.

Number Format: nxx-xxxx

Telephones - main lines in use: 23,000 (2004)

Telephones - mobile cellular:

  • Digicel
  • LIME

Telephone system:

Radio broadcast stations: AM 0, FM 15, shortwave 0 (2007)

Radios: 46,000 (1997)

Television broadcast stations: 0 (however, there are three cable television companies, Dominica Broadcast, Marpin Telecoms [3] and SAT Telecommunications Ltd. [4]) (2004)

Televisions: 11,000 (2007)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Cable & Wireless Dominica Ltd (DSL) Marpin Telecoms (Cable) SAT Telecommunications Ltd. (Cable & FTTP)

Internet code: DM

Telephone code: 767