Switzerland national rugby union team

Switzerland national rugby union team

Union Swiss Rugby Union
Coach(es) Philippe Filiatre
Andrew Mackenzie
Carter Croft
First international
Switzerland 4 - 23 Portugal
(11 April 1973)
Largest win
Bulgaria 9 - 90 Switzerland
(14 October 2000)
Largest defeat
Spain 40 - 0 Switzerland
(11 May 1993)

The Swiss national rugby union team is a member of Rugby Europe and plays in the Division 2A of the European Nations Cup. Thus far Switzerland have not qualified for a Rugby World Cup.


Switzerland played their first ever international rugby match on April 11, 1973 in Neuchatel against Portugal, losing 23 points to 4. The following year they lost 10-18 to Belgium, and were then defeated by them 33-3 in 1975. After the second lost to Belgium, Switzerland won their first international rugby match; defeating Serbia-Montenegro 12 points to 3 in Geneva. The only other win for Switzerland during the 1970s was a 7-4 victory over Luxembourg in 1977. In 1979 they were defeated 43 to nil by Monaco and 31 to nil by Portugal.

They however bounced back in 1980, defeating Luxembourg 10-7 in Berne, though they then lost close matches against Sweden and Belgium, and were again held to nil by Portugal in 1981, but got a victory over Denmark later that year. After losing to Belgium and Sweden in 1982, they then scored 60 unanswered points against Finland. They then lost nine games in a row from 1982-1986, then defeating Serbia-Montenegro 5 points to nil in May 1986.

In 1989 Switzerland attempted to qualify for the 1991 Rugby World Cup in England, playing in the European tournament - Round 2a. They finished third in the final standings of the round, winning one of their three fixtures. Switzerland also participated in the qualifying tournaments for the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa, making it past the preliminary round from the west group, but not advancing past Round 1.

Switzerland finished third (out of six nations) in Pool 1 of Round 1 of the European qualification tournaments for the 1999 Rugby World Cup in Wales, winning and drawing one game out of four fixtures. Switzerland had more success in the qualifying tournaments for the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia, finishing at the top of Pool B in Round 1 and advancing to Round 2, but were unable to advance to Round 3. In attempting to qualify for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France, Switzerland finished fourth in Pool D of Round 2 of the European qualification process.

As of 21 September 2015, Switzerland is ranked 38th in the World Rugby Rankings.

Current players

Name Position Date of Birth Club/Province
Schelte Betten GC Zürich
Olivier Gerber GC Zürich
David Smith RC Genève PLO
Frédéric Rossier Stade Lausanne RC
Alfredo Burgener RC Nyon
Gaby Fox RC Fribourg
Josh Bjornson GC Zürich
Nicolas Guyou Flanker 18/05/1982 RC Châteaurenard
Didier Richard Stade Lausanne RC
Sergio Hösel GC Zürich
Ludovic Keller CA Pontarlier
Ali Nouri Hermance RRC
Loïc Verreman RC Nyon
Pedro Dubois RC Nyon
Ismael Meyer Stade Lausanne RC
Geoff Johnson Hermance RRC
Jonathan Hudson Hermance RRC - Oxford University
Iain Wise Hermance RRC
Mathieu Guyou-Kreis RCA Cergy-Pontoise
Jacky Dervey Stade Lausanne RC
Thomas Douvegheant Hermance RRC
Christophe Guillet RC Genève PLO
Thomas Brossard RC Annemasse
Florian Dillet Hermance RRC

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