Swimming at the 2003 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 400 metre individual medley

Swimming at the 2003 World Aquatics Championships – Men's 400 metre individual medley

Men's 400m Individual Medley
at the 2003 FINA World Championships
Dates27 July
Winning time4 minute 09.09 seconds
2003 FINA
World Championships

Spain Barcelona, Spain
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The Men's 400 Individual Medley event at the 10th FINA World Championships swam on July 27, 2003 in Barcelona, Spain. Preliminary heats[1] swam during the morning session, with the top-8 finisher advancing to swim again in the Final[2] that evening.

At the start of the event, the existing World (WR) and Championship (CR) records were both:



Rank Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 Michael Phelps 4:09.09 WR
2 László Cseh 4:10.79
3 Oussama Mellouli 4:15.36
4 Tom Wilkens 4:16.06
5 Massimiliano Rosolino 4:17.30
6 Takahiro Mori 4:17.54
7 Brian Johns 4:20.27
8 Alessio Boggiatto 4:21.23


Rank Heat/Lane Swimmer Nation Time Notes
1 H6 L5 László Cseh Hungary 4:14.11 q
2 H7 L4 Michael Phelps United States 4:15.72 q
3 H5 L4 Takahiro Mori Japan 4:17.12 q
4 H7 L3 Tom Wilkens United States 4:17.21 q
5 H5 L3 Oussama Mellouli Tunisia 4:18.21 q
6 H5 L5 Brian Johns Canada 4:18.33 q
7 H6 L4 Alessio Boggiatto Italy 4:18.88 q
8 H6 L6 Massimiliano Rosolino Italy 4:19.50 q
9 H5 L8 Cezar Bădiță Romania 4:19.72
10 H6 L2 Robin Francis Great Britain 4:20.10
11 H6 L3 Justin Norris Australia 4:20.51
11 H6 L1 Ioannis Kokkodis Greece 4:20.51
13 H7 L2 Jun Yoshi Japan 4:20.52
14 H7 L1 Igor Berezutskiy Russia 4:20.61
15 H7 L6 István Batházi Hungary 4:20.67
16 H7 L5 Peng Wu China 4:20.92
17 H4 L5 Marko Milenkovič Slovenia 4:21.23
18 H5 L6 Dmytro Nazarenko Ukraine 4:21.74
19 H5 L1 Michael Halika Israel 4:21.76
20 H7 L8 Terence Parkin South Africa 4:22.34
21 H6 L8 Yves Platel Switzerland 4:23.16
22 H5 L2 Trent Steed Australia 4:23.29
23 H4 L7 Vytautas Janušaitis Lithuania 4:25.14
24 H4 L3 Thiago Pereira Brazil 4:25.32
25 H4 L4 Ioannis Drymonakos Greece 4:26.07
26 H6 L7 Carlos Sayao Canada 4:26.27
27 H5 L7 Dean Kent New Zealand 4:27.69
28 H4 L8 Paulius Andrijauskas Lithuania 4:27.80
29 H3 L4 Tao Zhao China 4:27.94
30 H4 L1 Alexei Zatsepine Russia 4:28.27
31 H3 L6 Shilo Ayalon Israel 4:28.37
32 H3 L5 Guntars Deicmanis Latvia 4:29.17
33 H3 L2 Carlo Piccio Philippines 4:30.19
34 H3 L3 Miguel Molina Philippines 4:32.27
35 H2 L4 Vladimir Labzin Estonia 4:33.26
36 H4 L6 Jan Vitazka Czech Republic 4:33.52
37 H3 L8 Yi-Khy Saw Malaysia 4:37.21
38 H4 L2 Mihail Alexandrov Bulgaria 4:37.90
39 H3 L7 Hocine Haciane Andorra 4:38.13
40 H2 L2 Jonathan Mauri Costa Rica 4:41.41
41 H2 L7 Rehan Poncha India 4:41.49
42 H2 L5 Marcos Burgos Chile 4:41.55
43 H1 L4 Kunakorn Yimsomruay Thailand 4:44.13
44 H2 L3 David Cartin Costa Rica 4:46.30
45 H2 L6 Yury Zaharov Kyrgyzstan 4:48.33
46 H1 L5 Dean Palacios Northern Mariana Islands 4:55.06
47 H1 L2 Roy Barahona Honduras 4:56.15
48 H2 L1 Vasilii Danilov Kyrgyzstan 4:57.90
49 H1 L3 Rony Bakale Congo 5:01.16
49 H1 L1 Seung Gin Lee Northern Mariana Islands 5:01.16
51 H1 L7 Hei Meng Lao Macau 5:10.29
- H7 L7 Nicolas Rostoucher France DQ
- - George Demetriades Cyprus DNS
- - Jean-Luc Razakarivony Madagascar DNS
- - Joao Matias Angola DNS
- - Chisela Kanchela Zambia DNS


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