Steve Powers (baseball)

Steve Powers (baseball)

For other Steve Powers', see Steve Powers (artist) and Steve Powers.

Steve Powers was a designated hitter/pitcher who is most notable for winning the 1976 College World Series Most Outstanding Player award while a senior at University of Arizona. He is one of three players from University of Arizona to win that award. The others are Terry Francona and Mike Senne.

In 1975, he was selected in the eighth round of the amateur draft by the Detroit Tigers, but he never signed with them. In one 1976 draft, he was taken in the second round by the Philadelphia Phillies. In another 1976 draft, he was taken in the first round - 18th overall, by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He played professionally until 1978, going 1-0 with a 6.00 ERA in three games for the Waterloo Indians in his final season.

He was inducted into the University of Arizona Hall of Fame in 1994.


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