Sergei Ivanovich Tiulpanov

Sergei Ivanovich Tiulpanov

Sergei Ivanovich Tiulpanov, Berlin, 1946

Major General Sergei Ivanovich Tiulpanov Сергей Иванович Тюльпанов (3 October 1901 - 16 February 1987[1]) was the director of the Propaganda Administration of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany which governed eastern Germany from 1945 - 1949.

Tiulpanov spoke fluent German. He was a strong supporter of Walter Ulbricht and of the Sovietization of eastern Germany. He closely monitored the activities of the newly formed Socialist Unity Party of Germany, which was to govern the country.

Tiulpanov considered himself a hardline Bolshevik, and fell from favor as it became clear that Joseph Stalin did not support his and Ulbricht's plans for the rapid establishment of socialism in eastern Germany. Tiulpanov was recalled from his post to Moscow in 1949 on the basis that several members of his family and friends had been convicted of espionage.


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