Secretariat of the Pan-African Parliament

Secretariat of the Pan-African Parliament

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In order to allow the Pan-African Parliament's functions to be carried out more smoothly and in a more streamlined fashion, it is assisted by a Secretariat.


The Secretariat is composed of:

  • A Clerk, currently Zwelethu Lukhanyiso Mighty Madasa
  • Two Deputy Clerks, currently Helen Bawange Dingani (Legislative Business) and Morad Boularaf (Finance, Administration and International Relations)[1]

The Clerk

As head of the Secretariat, the Clerk is tasked with and has responsibility for the following duties:

  • Organise the elections of the President and Vice-Presidents.
  • Take minutes of all the proceedings of Parliament and the Permanent Committees.
  • Authenticate the votes and proceedings of each sitting by signature.
  • Is responsible to Parliament for accounting issues.
  • Supervises the staff of the Secretariat.
  • Manage the day to day administrative affairs of Parliament.


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