San Marino–United States relations

San Marino–United States relations

San Marino – United States relations
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San Marino – United States relations are bilateral relations between San Marino and the United States.


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The United States and San Marino enjoy friendly diplomatic relations. San Marino formed an alliance with the United States during the American Civil War.[1] San Marino consistently supports U.S. foreign policy positions, as well as U.S. candidates to international organizations. The two countries are on excellent terms. In September 2006 President Ronald P. Spogli to serve concurrently as Ambassador to San Marino. Ambassador Spogli is the first U.S. Ambassador to San Marino in the country’s history. For consular purposes, the republic is within the jurisdiction of the Florence consular district. Consulate officials regularly visit San Marino to carry out diplomatic demarches, represent U.S. interests, and administer consular services. As of September 2013, John R. Phillips is the U.S. ambassador to San Marino (and Italy). In July 2007, Ambassador Paolo Rondelli became San Marino’s first ambassador to the U.S.[2]

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