San Diego Hall of Champions

San Diego Hall of Champions

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The San Diego Hall of Champions is an American multi-sport museum in San Diego, California. It is recognized as the largest multi-sport museum in the United States.[1] Located in the Federal Building in Balboa Park, the 70,000-square-foot (6,500 m2) facility recognizes outstanding athletic accomplishments and traditions involving more than forty-two sports. The Hall of Champions was founded in 1959 and includes the Breitbard Hall of Fame.

Breitbard Hall of Fame

The Breitbard Hall of Fame was established in 1953 by Robert Breitbard.[2] It honors athletes who either (1) have excelled in sports in San Diego or (2) are native San Diegans who have excelled in sports elsewhere.[2] As of 2008, 117 athletes have been inducted, representing 20 sports: archery; badminton and tennis; baseball; basketball; bowling; boxing; diving and swimming; football; golf; hockey; horse racing; marksmanship; motor sports; pole vaulting; sailing; skateboarding; soccer; track and field; triathlon; and wrestling.[2] New members are inducted in February at the Salute to the Champions dinner.[2]


To be eligible for enshrinement, the candidate must meet these criteria:[3]

  • An athlete, coach or special contributor native to San Diego county or who represented a San Diego high school, university, sports organization or professional team
  • Professional athletes not native to San Diego county must have spent at least 4 years of their career in San Diego
  • Athletes must be retired for at least 2 years or be at least 50 years old
  • Coaches and contributors do not need to be retired, but must have spent at least 7 years working in their field


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For each inductee's San Diego connection, see footnote[4]
Year inducted Inductee Sport
1953 Harold Muller Football
1954 Ted Williams Baseball
1955 Milton Phelps Basketball
1956 Maureen Connolly Tennis
Archie Moore Boxing

1956 Milton Campbell||Olympic Decathlon Champion

1957 Bill Miller Track & Field
1959 Cotton Warburton Football
1960 Earle Brucker, Sr. Baseball
Russ Saunders Football
1962 Quentin Breese Boxing
Florence Chadwick Aquatics
Mickey Wright Golf
1963 Billy Casper Golf
Gene Littler Golf
Clarence Pinkston Aquatics
1964 Ed Goddard Football
Don Larsen Baseball
Albert Sprott Football
1965 Bob Gutowski Track & Field
Bill McColl Football
1966 Paul Runyan Golf
1967 Bob Elliott Baseball
Jim Londos Wrestling
Olin Cort Majors Football
1968 Bud Held Track & Field
1969 Lowell North Sailing
Harold Smith Aquatics
1970 Stan Barnes Football
Billy Mills Track & Field
1971 Florence Newkirk Aquatics
Karen Hantze Susman Tennis
1972 Lance Alworth Football
Lee Ramage Boxing
1973 Ray Boone Baseball
Amby Schindler Football
1974 Leo Calland Football
Rube Powell Archery
1975 Evelyn Boldrick Howard Badminton
Ron Mix Football
1976 Tom Hamilton Football
Bob Skinner Baseball
1977 Gerry Driscoll Sailing
Bobby Smith Track & Field
1978 George Brown Football
Mike Stamm Swimming
1979 Deron Johnson Baseball
Jack Rand Track & Field
1980 Tex Guentert Football
Bud Muehleisen Racquetball
1981 Bill McMillan Marksmanship
Marten Mendez Badminton
1982 Bill Muncey Hydroplane Racing
Ralph Smith Track & Field
1983 Andy Borthwick Golf/Rowing
Dennis Conner Sailing
1984 John Butler Football
John Hadl Football
1985 Malin Burnham Sailing
Gavy Cravath Baseball
Arnie Robinson Track & Field
1986 Charlie Joiner Football
Art Luppino Football
1987 Don Coryell Football
Sid Gillman Football
Brian Sipe Football
1988 Willie Banks Track & Field
Gary Garrison Football
1989 Dan Fouts Football
1990 Charles K. Fletcher Swimming/Water Polo
Bill Walton Basketball
1991 Graig Nettles Baseball
Ed White Football
1992 Bob Boone Baseball
Art Powell Football
1993 Joe Alston Badminton
Haven Moses Football
Charlie Whittingham Thoroughbred Racing
1994 Willie Buchanon Football
Harold Adams Football/Baseball
1995 Kellen Winslow Football
Charlie Powell Football/Boxing
1996 Randy Jones Baseball
Craig Stadler Golf
1997 Earl Faison Football
Juli Veee Soccer
1998 Fred Dryer Football
Alan Trammell Baseball
Dave Winfield Baseball
1999 Marcus Allen Football
Rolf Benirschke Football
2000 Rollie Fingers Baseball
Paula Newby-Fraser Triathlon
2001 Keith Lincoln Football
Joe Norris Bowling
Ken Norton Boxing
2002 Tony Gwynn Baseball
Tony Hawk Skateboarding
Russ Washington Football
2003 Elvin Hayes Basketball
Ron Newman Soccer
Mark Reynolds Sailing
2004 Stan Humphries Football
Peter McNab Hockey
2005 Joe Jessop Sailing
Ernie Ladd Football
Scott Simpson Golf
Doug Wilkerson Football
2006 Terrell Davis Football
Gail Devers Track and field
Louie Kelcher Football
Volney Peters Football
2007 Buzzie Bavasi Baseball
Goose Gossage Baseball
Gary “Big Hands” Johnson Football
2008 Shannon MacMillan Soccer
Pete Newell Basketball
Willie O'Ree Hockey
Steve Scott Track and field


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