Salvator Mundi (Leonardo)

Salvator Mundi (Leonardo)

Salvator Mundi
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Artist Leonardo da Vinci
Year c. 1490-1519
Type Oil on walnut
Dimensions 45.4 cm × 65.6 cm (25.8 in × 17.9 in)
Location Private collection, New York City
Portrait of Leonardo by Melzi

Salvator Mundi is a painting of Christ as Salvator Mundi recently attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, who is known to have painted the subject. It was lost and later rediscovered, and restored and exhibited in 2011. The painting shows Christ, in Renaissance garb, giving a benediction with his raised right hand and crossed fingers while holding a crystal sphere in his left hand.


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In France, Leonardo da Vinci painted the subject, Jesus Christ, for Louis XII of France between 1506 and 1513. The recently authenticated work was once owned by Charles I of England and recorded in his art collection in 1649 before being auctioned by the son of the Duke of Buckingham and Normanby in 1763. It next appeared in 1900, when it was purchased by a British collector, Francis Cook, 1st Viscount of Monserrate. The painting was damaged from previous restoration attempts, and its authorship unclear. Cook's descendants sold it at auction in 1958 for £45. In 2005, the painting was acquired by a consortium of art dealers that included Robert Simon, a specialist in Old Masters. It was heavily overpainted so that it looked like a copy, and was described as “a wreck, dark and gloomy”.[1] It was then restored and authenticated as a painting by Leonardo. It was exhibited by London's National Gallery during the Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan from 9 November 2011 to 5 February 2012.[2][3][4] In 2013 the painting was sold to an unidentified collector for between $75 million and $80 million.[5]

Copies of Leonardo's work


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