Saint Lambertchurch (Rosmalen)

Saint Lambertchurch (Rosmalen)

The Saint Lambertchurch (Dutch: Sint-Lambertuskerk) is a catholic church in Rosmalen. The name of the church refers to Lambert of Maastricht, the Bishop of Maastricht.

In the twelfth century there was a church in Rosmalen, which was made of wood. In 1300 the church was made of Tuff, a stone which was used very common in these years.

The tower of the church has its shape since 1430. The nave of the church was rebuilt in 1550.

After the Siege of 's-Hertogenbosch, the church was used by Protestantism. The church was also used as a prison and a town hall. The church is catholic again since 1823.

Coordinates: 51°43′08″N 5°21′47″E / 51.719°N 5.363°E / 51.719; 5.363