Robert Bennett Bean

Robert Bennett Bean

Robert Bennett Bean, M.D. (1874 – 1944) was a Professor of Anatomy and ethnologist.


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Life and career

Bean, through his mother, was a descendant of colonist and land owner William Randolph. He studied medicine and anatomy and obtained a B.S. in medicine, followed by an M.D. in anatomy in 1904. He served as a Professor of Anatomy at numerous different universities including the University of Michigan (1905-1907), the Philippine Medical School of Manila (1908), the Tulane University of Louisiana (1910-1916) and until his retirement as an associate Professor at the University of Virginia. He became the councilor of the American Anthropological Association in 1919 and was also a regional chairman for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1926).


He is best remembered for his ethnological work The Races of Man (1932).[1]


  • Racial Anatomy of the Philippine Islanders (1910)
  • The Races of Man. Differentiation and Dispersal of Man (1932, 2nd Ed. 1935)
  • The Peopling of Virginia (1938)


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