Red Rock Island

Red Rock Island

Aerial photograph of Red Rock Island
Abandoned Coast Guard fog bell on southern point of island

Red Rock Island (variously known as Moleta,[1] Molate Rock,[2] and Golden Rock[2]) is an uninhabited, 5.8-acre (2.3 ha) island in the San Francisco Bay located just south of the Richmond – San Rafael Bridge.[3] The property is the only privately owned island in San Francisco Bay.[3] The boundaries of three counties – San Francisco, Marin and Contra Costa – converge on this high rock. The San Francisco County portion is an incorporated part of the city of San Francisco since it is a consolidated city-county; the Contra Costa portion (most of the island) is incorporated inside the city limits of Richmond.[4]

The mountain of bright red earth and rock is 500 ft (150 m) across from east to west, 750 ft (230 m) from north and south, and rises out of the bay to a height of 151 ft (46 m).[1] It is surrounded by some of the deepest water in the North Bay - 60 ft (18 m) deep.


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Selim E. Woodworth was the first owner and resident of Red Rock Island, where he built a cabin and maintained a hunting preserve.[5][6][7] The island was once mined for manganese. It was privately purchased in the 1920s. After a series of owners, David Glickman, at the time a San Francisco attorney and part-time real estate buyer, purchased the island in 1964 for US$49,500.[3]

In the 1980s, a plan was proposed (but never implemented) to remove the top half of the island (which would be sold for highway roadbed construction). The island would then be developed with a 10-story hotel and casino, and a yacht harbor on the lee (north) side. Water and power would be provided from lines connected to the San Rafael Bridge.[8]

In June 2007, Glickman, now a gem dealer in Thailand, announced that Red Rock Island was for sale for US$10 million. He had previously attempted to sell the island in 2001, including to the California Department of Fish and Game.[9] No conservation groups or agencies have so far expressed interest in buying the island, though some have considered it.[3]

As of early 2012, the island is listed with a realtor, and is listed at a price of US$5 million.[10][11]

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