Real estate in the United Kingdom

Real estate in the United Kingdom

Real estate in the United Kingdom is a significant feature of the economy of the United Kingdom, and regulated according to Scottish and English land law. The real estate market in the United Kingdom is the largest or second-largest in Europe (after Germany) depending on the method of measurement.[1][2] The commercial real estate market in the UK has a market size of around 250 billion euros.[1] Foreign investment plays a substantial role in the UK's real estate market, particularly in London, and foreign companies and individuals invested around £20 billion in UK real estate in 2012.[3]

Chinese Interest

For a few years, Chinese developers and investors have more and more have seen that the UK government gives support and encouragement to these projects, making London seem like the ideal area when looking at European markets for higher returns and strong growth. Hoping to aim for the desire and need of being seen as a hub for diversification and safety in the eyes of its investors, which is a successful venture considering its political and economic stability. Elections and other political events that occur regularly have a small impact on the legal system. After the UK accepted seven different Chinese banks, the government was eager to show their support by being the first outside of China to issue Renminbi Bonds and reflect the commitment of Chinese investors to the UK market. International standards, of which the Chinese have a thirst for knowledge, and a strong growth profile are also key attractions of the UK market. [4]

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