Racial Stereotype

An ethnic stereotype is a simplified and often misleading representation of an ethnic group, composed of what are thought to be typical characteristics of members of a given ethnic group. These images of a particular group are used to communicate underlying messages about status, society and cultural norms.

Ethnic stereotypes are commonly portrayed in ethnic jokes, most of which usually considered to be offensive in various degrees. Richard M. Steers and Luciara Nardon in their book about global economy use the "You have two cows" joke to illustrate the concept of cultural differences. They write that jokes of this kind:[1]

– are considered funny because they are realistic caricatures of various cultures, and the pervasiveness of such jokes stems from the significant cultural differences. Steers and Nardon also state that others believe that cultural stereotype in jokes of this kind must be viewed with caution.

Ethnic stereotypes can sometimes reinforce positive values that will benefit one group over another. Such as the typical American hero of Hollywood who will intelligently triumph against all odds.

Various anti-national phobias and prejudices operate with ethnic stereotypes.

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