RD-8 (РД-8)
Country of origin USSR/Russia
Manufacturer Yuzhnoye Design Bureau
Application Upper stage vernier
Status Operational
Liquid-fuel engine
Propellant LOX / rocket grade kerosene
Thrust (vac.) 78.5 kilonewtons (17,600 lbf)[1]
Chamber pressure 7.8 megapascals (1,130 psi)[1]
Isp (vac.) 342 seconds (3.35 km/s)
Dry weight 380 kilograms (840 lb)
Used in
Zenit-2, Zenit-3SL upper stage

The RD-8 engine was developed by Yuzhnoye Design Bureau for the second stage of the Zenit rocket. It has four hinged chambers and a single turbopump unit. The fuel pair is LOX/kerosene. Vacuum thrust is 78.5 kN and its specific impulse in vacuum is 342 seconds (3.35 km/s).[2]

The engine was designed for long service life (up to 4000 seconds), high reliability, and is the first smaller upper stage engine to use the staged combustion cycle.[2]


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