RD-120 (РД-120)
Country of origin USSR/Russia
Manufacturer NPO Energomash
Application upper stage
Status Operational
Liquid-fuel engine
Propellant LOX / rocket grade kerosine
Cycle Staged combustion cycle (rocket)
Thrust (vac.) 833 kilonewtons (187,000 lbf)
Isp (vac.) 350 s
Burn time 315 seconds
Length 12.7ft / 3.9m
Diameter 6.4ft / 2.0m [1]
Dry weight 1,125 kilograms (2,480 lb)
Used in
Zenit-2, Zenit-3SL upper stage

The RD-120 is a LOX/Kerosene upper stage engine that is used in the Zenit family of launch vehicles.

It should not be confused with the RD-0120, which is a discontinued LOX/hydrogen rocket engine that was used in the Soviet Energia launch system.[2]


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