Country of origin Russia
First flight 2013-12-28
Designer KBKhA,[1] Viktor Gorokhov[2]
Manufacturer Voronezh Mechanical Plant[2]
Application Upper Stage
Associated L/V Soyuz-2-1v[1]
Predecessor RD-0110[1]
Status In Production
Liquid-fuel engine
Propellant LOX[1] / RG-1[1]
Cycle Gas Generator[1]
Chamber 4[1]
Thrust (vac.) 265.1 kilonewtons (59,600 lbf)[1]
Thrust (SL) 230.5 kilonewtons (51,800 lbf)[1]
Chamber pressure 6.6 megapascals (960 psi)[1]
Isp (vac.) 298.4 seconds[1]
Isp (SL) 259.4 seconds[1]
Burn time 210s[1]
Length 1,910 millimetres (75 in)[1]
Diameter 2,675 millimetres (105.3 in)[1]
Dry weight 850 kilograms (1,870 lb)[1] (including the support ring)
Used in
Soyuz-2-1v first stage.

The RD-0110R (GRAU Index 14D24) is a rocket engine burning liquid oxygen and kerosene in a gas generator combustion cycle. It has four nozzles that can gimbal up to 45 degrees in a single axis and is used a the vernier engine on the Soyuz-2-1v first stage.[1] It also has heat exchangers that heats oxygen and He to pressurize the LOX and RG-1 tanks of the Soyuz-2.1v first stage, respectively. The Oxygen is supplied from the same LOX tank in liquid form, while the He is supplied from separate high pressure bottles (known as the T tank).[1]

The engine's development started in 2010 and it is a heavily modified version of the RD-0110. The main areas of work were shortening the nozzles to optimized them for the atmospheric part of the flight (the RD-0110 is a vacuum optimized engine), propellant piping, heat exchangers and the gimballing system, which was developed by TsSKB Progress. The RD-0110R engines is produced on the Voronezh Mechanical Plant.[2]

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