Pyarelal Nayyar

Pyarelal Nayyar

Pyarelal Nayyar

(1899-1982) was the personal secretary of Mahatma Gandhi in his later years. His sister Dr. Sushila Nayyar was the personal physician to Mahatma Gandhi.

He received his B. A. from University of Punjab and quit his M.A. studies during the Non-cooperation movement of 1920.


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Freedom Struggle

Pyarelal was active in the freedom struggle, in the footsteps of Gandhi. He participated in the Salt March to Dandi in 1930.[1]

Pyarelal was portrayed by Pankaj Kapur in the Richard Attenborough film Gandhi (1982).

Post Gandhi

Pyarelal continued his literary work on Gandhi until his last days.


He has biographical books on Mahatma Gandhi. Following is a partial list:

  1. The Early Phase, (Vol. I)
  2. Mahatma Gandhi : The Discovery of Satyagraha – On the Threshold, (Vol. II)
  3. Mahatma Gandhi : The Birth of Satyagraha, (Vol. III)
  4. Mahatma Gandhi : Satyagraha at Work, (Vol. IV)
  5. Mahatma Gandhi : India Awakened, (Vol. V)
  6. Mahatma Gandhi : Salt Satyagraha – The Watershed, (Vol. VI)
  7. Mahatma Gandhi : Preparing For Swaraj, (Vol. VII)
  8. Mahatma Gandhi : Final Fight For Freedom, (Vol. VIII)
  9. Mahatma Gandhi: The Last Phase, (Vol. IX)
  10. Mahatma Gandhi : The Last Phase (Vol. X)

Note: Vol. IV to VII were competed by Shushila Nayyar.


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  • A picture of Pyarelal with Gandhi