Punta Sur

Punta Sur

Celarain lighthouse at Punta Sur

Punta Sur marks the southern point of Cozumel and is part of the Parque Punta Sur, a 247-acre (1.00 km2) ecological park that covers the reefs, beaches, lagoons, and low forest of the surrounding area. The reef system is also part of the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park.

Tumba del Caracol, Punta Sur

The Celarain lighthouse (Faro de Celarain) sits on the Punta Sur promontory (Punta Celarain) and is part of a nautical museum. Just northeast of it is the Caracol (Tumba del Caracol), a Maya building erected during the post-classic period. There is a persistent myth, often repeated by tour guides, that the building functioned as a weather alarm, producing a whistle that would precede the arrival of a hurricane, but that is only a legend. The idea that the building somehow functioned as a lighthouse or beacon used to send signals to the mainland is another legend, but also incorrect; it was a temple and nothing more.

Orígenes de su nombre Tumba del Caracol Al noroeste del faro de Punta Celarain se encuentra la llamada Tumba del Caracol, un vestigio arqueológico dedicado a (Ixchel), deidad de la cultura maya. Esta estructura, construida por los mayas en el periodo posclásico está dotado de una cúpula que a su vez estuvo recubierta de caracoles marinos que producían un zumbido con los vientos fuertes. Funcionaba el conjunto como una especie de alarma, advirtiendo sobre la intensidad de los vientos en la isla.

Some of the sandy beaches are protected to allow hatching for sea turtles. Observation towers have been erected at the Columbia lagoon to watch wildlife. Off Punta Sur is the Devil's Throat scuba diving area, while in the closer reef visitors can snorkel. The dirt road area is accessible to off-road vehicles and allows some tours to access the area as part of a guided excursion. At the end of the dirt road you will find 2 beach clubs, Papito's Beach Club Restaurant and Bar as well as the Punta Sur Beach Club. Included in the entrance fee to Punta Sur Park is also a guided boat ride on the Colombia Lagoon for bird watching, sightseeing, crocodile observation and more.

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